Friday, August 6, 2010

Beat Down

Ugh. I'm back from vacation and a bit worn out. It's funny but vacations for me aren't really vacations. Since I work for myself, I have to still get my work done. I can't just tell my clients "Hey, I'm outta here so I won't have the stories you need this week." The work has to get done, and it does.

So this "vacation" forced me to get a head start on the work last weekend and stay up late on the nights I was out on the lake.

I'm not complaining or anything. It is nice to have the chance to work for myself as it gives me the freedom to stay at home with my girls, but there is certainly a trade-off. I rarely ever have a day where I don't do a single bit of work.

With that, I'm catching up with work stuff and trying to settle back into a routine so no Friday Leftover post today. Sad. Hopefully I'll get back to it next week when I'll have more time.

If you'd like something to read, check out Apple Strudel and Peach Cobbler. It's not a dessert blog, though that would be interesting too. No, it's a running/fitness blog. Kathrin of Apple Strudel and Peach Cobbler just rocked a triathlon last weekend. I'd love to also do a triathlon some day if I knew how to swim.

Anyway, enjoy the blog and your weekend.


Kathrin said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog! ;-)

Have a great weekend.

And the swimming... Never to late to start! ;-)

Jill said...

Welcome home, LB! I never think a vacation if the sense of a "vacation" - it's not like I ge to rest and relax, I just get to be crazy busy in a different place is all. ha. Have a great weekend!!! :)

Moore On Running said...

Funny to hear about a SC blog on your page :) I am planning on being in San Diego in September, are you familiar with any cool placed to run there?