Thursday, August 26, 2010

Time To Run/Work/Rest

It took a week and a few days but I think I've adjusted to this kindergarten thing.

Kennedy, as you may recall, started school recently and has given me one of the best gifts of all - time. I have time now to do things that I couldn't do before, such as work at home quietly and uninterrupted, and run outdoors.

I was a bit tentative the first full week so I played it safe. I worked more than I ran, did things around the house more than things outside of it. But this week has been different. More liberating. I've ran, I've worked, I've cooked, I've.... not done laundry. Well, it can't all be perfect.

I ran 4.5 miles on Tuesday and 6.2 miles on Wednesday, all outside. I'm actually planning a trip to the gym on Thursday and will hopefully run on the 'mill, but that's mostly because of the heat outside and because I'll already be there (for core, resistance training, yay) so might as well take advantage.

Before the week, I'd wanted to get to 30 miles and I might just do it. I've been wanting to do that for a week or two now but this week I think I'll get there. I've got almost 11 under my belt, after Thursday I hope to have 15. With 10 on Saturday and 5 on Sunday, I'll get there.

That's time well spent.


So, just wanted to fill you in on something. I have a guest post coming up on Monday from a special person. It's a pretty cool post so if you can come back here then, please do so.

The one and only Mrs. LB has written a guest post for your reading pleasure and I'll have it on Monday. It's pretty good. Can't really disclose more than that so make sure you come back then.


Morgan said...

Yay! I'm super excited to hear first hand from the infamous Mrs. LB! :)

Jill said...

I look forward to Mrs LB's post!! Glad you're making the most out of our new daytime freedom!! Enjoy :)