Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Playlist, Finally

For the longest time, I've needed to make a new playlist.

I'd made one for my 22-mile run on the Fourth of July and modified it slightly for San Francisco. But since then I haven't added anything to my phone and my running music has gotten stale. The music itself is still enjoyable, but just to play it and run to it wasn't appealing anymore.

So Monday I made a new playlist and I think it's going to work well.

First, the music.

Okay, now some explanations:

- I've been requesting CDs from the library for about a month now and among the CDs I've scored have been The Killers' Day and Age, The Ramones' greatest hits as well as Wolfmother's Cosmic Egg and Wolfmother. Only those made the cut for this playlist though.

- I bought the Jefferson Airplane songs for the SF Marathon since they are from the city by the bay, but hadn't ever really listened to them. I'm particularly fond of White Rabbit.

- I love Rage Against The Machine. Love them. Have seen them in concert six times I think, the most of any group I've seen live. However, I hardly ever run to them. Don't know, but their songs just don't work for me when I run. It's strange. I'm trying some songs off their last CD so maybe that will help.

- This playlist is about an hour and a half long. I'm not sure I'll get to the end of it during my midweek runs but I could possibly "see" it all the way through on weekends.

- There is just one more thing to do now and that's to actually put the music on my phone. Hopefully I can get to that soon.

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Ange said...

Spaceman! I love that song. Always jolts me back right when I need that boost. I've run to Day and Age a lot. So much, I'm taking a break from The Killers for a bit.
Just updated my playlist, as well. Lots of Rusted Root and Arcade Fire this time.

22 miles! Good luck, man!