Thursday, August 12, 2010

Big Day For K

Wednesday was a crazy day. It wasn't just crazy busy but it was crazy in that some big things happened.

Kennedy started school. While this summer has been memorable with my marathon and our vacations and trips, the biggest thing that's happened this summer has been Kennedy starting school.

This was the day she'd been waiting for, for so long. Mrs. LB and I walked her to her classroom, intending to walk her inside and see her off from there, but she hugged us and said bye to us, well, tried to anyway, before we even went inside.

But we followed here in there, after she tried to disappear into her class.

She swung her name around her neck and sat down, waiting for her new classmates to join her. We left through the back door and she neither noticed nor cared. She was very happy and seemingly in her element.

Now this was a mini-holiday for Mrs. LB and I. After we walked Yvie to her classroom, we went out for breakfast. We'd planned on going out for breakfast for many months. I pictured us reading and relaxing but we ended up just talking for the entire breakfast, but that was fine. Very enjoyable and relaxing.

However, work cut short my morning. Instead of going home to relish in the quiet, I had to rush out to the soccer stadium. Not sure if you heard the news but you-know-who is back.

Now, David Beckham of course hurt his Achilles tendon in March and missed the World Cup. But he's been working hard to come back and on Wednesday he did. He won't play in any games soon but he was out there, working the tendon, looking pretty.

I said "Hey, how about something for my blog readers?"

Then he came over to talk to us.

It's always surreal to see him up close, to see celebrities up close, but the whole time I was thinking about Kennedy and wondering what she was up to. I guess it's only appropriate the two are intertwined on her big day. Remember this?

She enjoyed her day, couldn't wait to get back to school the next day. She made some friends, sang some songs, practiced writing the number one... as for more details, well, she's four and 4-year-olds don't always provide the most detailed reports. However, I might get to go into her classroom on Friday to help out so I'll hopefully have more to report then.

And Becks won't keep me away this time.


5thsister said...

I'm so glad her day went well for her! They grow up just too darned fast. Seems like yesterday were taking Bethany to her 1st day of kindergarten and now she is a sophomore in high school.

Whitney said...

I love her pink outfit! And I love Beckham (and his thighs). But not as much as I love Donovan. Is that bad?

Willoughby said...

She looked so cute for her first day of kindergarten! I hope she has a great teacher that makes going to school lots of fun.

Chicago Mom said...

The first day of school is always harder on the parents - the kids are excited and we are heartbroken! :)

I have heard that celebrities are always shorter in person, and that rang true for the few famous musicians I met working for Washburn Guitars.

Raoulysgirl said...

I am honestly DREADING the day that Ilisabeth starts school. Of course, I should be looking forward to the quiet and kid-free time...but I am not. I am stubbornly refusing to discuss it...almost to the point of throwing a tantrum. I am seriously going to have detachment issues...I just know it! :D

ChristineM said...

First, I'm so glad her first day went well! And that you and Mrs LB got to have your breakfast date! Grace starts kindergarten on Sept 1st and I'm excited for her, but it's a little bittersweet too....They grow up so fast!

Secondly, thank you for thinking of your blog readers! ;)

Christy said...

David beautiful. I hate Victoria right now.

Katie A. said...

OMG she is so dang cute! I love that she LOVES school! I always did - that is a good sign :) Oh David, you are sure cute, too!
Happy Friday buddy!