Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Muddy Bits

Not a whole lot of time today to dedicate to my blog. Tuesday is my busy work day and I didn't have much planned ahead of time, but I did want to give you a few brief tidbits nevertheless.

* I ran eight miles Saturday, two on Sunday but none since then. I won't get a chance to run until Wednesday morning. I'm hoping to run Wednesday through Sunday for a total of about 25 miles. We'll see how my heel feels, though. It's been acting up a little the last few days.

* My next race won't be until Oct. 17 (Long Beach Half Marathon) so technically I'm not training for a race right now. However, I will definitely want to hit training hard by the end of this month, particularly speedwork. I want to get faster and will want to run a strong race that day so I'm looking forward to getting settled into a routine that includes some speedwork.

* Monday was, of course, my birthday. Yay. Thanks for all the well-wishes. I hope to make age 35 memorable. I ran two marathons at age 34 and I hope to run three marathons at age 35 - Surf City (Feb. 6), LA (March 20) and another one, possibly Salt Lake or San Diego or something else next summer.

* Lastly, here's a sneak peek at Wednesday's post:

No, it's not about swimming or water safety, but rather a memorable day for my beloved Kennedy.


La Gitana said...

awwww.... su nina es bonita! :) y Feliz Cumpleanos Luis! You have become quite the accomplished runner and I wish I had more time to follow your blog as you are extremely motivational! Once summer ends and a more 'normal' routine returns, I will keep up in both reading blogs AND exercising (I have been very bad of late!) Ciao Luis!

Katie A. said...

Hey, didn't Kennedy start school? That's pretty big!!
Hope the heal is alright - taking it easy right now is probably smart!

Katie A. said...

Oh, and I saw your tweets about your Bro and running the half - very cool, you'll make a great coach!

Jill said...

Happy belated birthday, LB! Sorry I'm so behind on blogworld!! I hope your 35th year wishes come true :). And I understand about wanting the heel to cooperate...I have not run since SF, trying to get this thing under control...but it aches just walking. So frustrating...this is the longest I've ever taken off. Ever! I'm not a good rester. Haha. Here's to a fabulous year of running for you!!!