Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

Felt like a throwing together some short blog items together for you, probably because my mind was all over the place on Monday.

Land of High Mileage

Trusty blog reader and friend of Muddy Runner tahoegirl is the woman! She ran 20 miles on the weekend, her last run until the Chicago Marathon, and her longest run ever! She begins her first-ever marathon taper now and I'm excited for her!

I'm asking for a favor. If you aren't a marathoner, please send her your encouragement. I know it made a difference for me, having the support of as many people as possible. And if you are a marathoner, pass along some tips and words of encouragement as well.

Tahoegirl has been aggressive throughout her training and has overcome challenges to meet her goal. Her 20-miler was run in 50-degree weather. Yikes. Not sure how long I would have lasted in that.

Anyway, I'll be running 11 miles on Oct. 10 I think but I know I will have the Windy City on my mind that day.

Q & A

Remember the Q & A I had earlier this year with my uncle Jorge? Well, I'm bringing it back. One of my Loper friends has agreed to be the subject of the second-ever Muddy Runner Q & A. She has an exciting tale to tell and will be running in a marathon shortly.

More details to follow but I can assure you her story is one worth promoting and worth reading about.


This is one of my new favorite running songs - New Moon Rising by Wolfmother.

Not sure why I never got their CDs. I liked the songs I heard of theirs but just never got around to buying their CDs. Well, the local library has them in stock so I checked them out and lo and behold, their stuff is fantastic. I've got a whole slew of new songs to run to, and this one is probably atop that list.

It's hard but not like Metallica hard. I mean, it won't make you tense if that metal stuff makes you tense (right Kerrie?) and this song has a good rhythm and nice energy. I've ran to it a few times and will be part of my Long Beach Half Marathon playlist for sure. The only question is, will it be near the top or towards the end?


Kerrie T. said...

Hahaha! Okay, so as soon as I saw your music selection, I was like "Not my type of stuff," and then you described it for me. Thanks! I haven't listened to it yet because I'm in the office, but I'll check it out at home. To be honest, the egg picture is freakin' me out a little bit.

Does TahoeGirl have a blog?

Jill said...

Good luck to your friend in Chi-town - woohoo! I love the "first marathon" experience. No pressure, just run. Please pass along my well-wishes to her and hope all goes well!

I will check that song out when I get home - work Nazi's have it blocked here at work :(.

Katie A. said...

Good luck Tahoegirl! You'll do fine! Just embrace the race day excitement. Don't set any crazy time goals. Keep in your mind that it's nothing more than a big giant long run with a great medal at the end. Soak up the entire experience because there is NOTHING like your first full ;) Say thanks to the volunteers and race right back home or to your hotel for a long ice bath. You're going to do great!!!

Wolfmother - haven't heard any of there stuff in a while! Thanks for sharing!
Good job on the mileage this past week yourself!

tahoegirl said...

Thank you LB and everyone for your well wishes! It means more than you know :o)