Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What Restful Rest?

Fresh off Monday's motivational post, I got nothing.

Rest days suck. I rested on Monday and felt out of it most of the day. I got some stuff done around the house, went and had some work done on the truck, got some writing done, but mostly just felt off. I was tired in the afternoon. How does that happen? How does resting equate to being tired?

I won't have too many rest days this week. I'm running (or at least planning on running) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I might have to run long on Saturday to open up my Sunday morning but haven't figured it out.

I hope to have energy on the rest of the days. Energy to string together some cohesive and perhaps interesting thoughts.

For now, I'm struggling to keep my synapses firing properly.

Lone Wolf LB?

One more thing... one of my new favorite groups, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, is going to open a tour very close to me, in Pomona on Wednesday. I'm going - yay me! But unfortunately I'm going alone. BRMC is a very underrated band, which means not many have heard of them, which means it was either go alone or not go at all.

Once the show starts I'm sure it won't matter much, but I don't know, part of me thinks it will be weird. Oh well. I'm going to see band I've become quite fond of in a short amount of time and I'm excited that it will be very close and not like a 90-minute drive away.


Katie A. said...

I can totally relate to feeling like garbage on rest days. Sometimes I talk myself into a little 3 miler - then i realize - it's a rest day! So, you're normal buddy - try to embrace it ;)

I think going to the movies or out to dinner alone is actually quite healthy. So enjoy your concert! Yes, it's nice to enjoy it with someone else when you can, but enjoying time by yourself is good, too!
Nice work on the run this morning!

Kathrin said...

You'll be able to enjoy the concert even without company.

I once was at a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert alone, because the original concert was canceled and the group I was supposed to go with couldn't make the new date. I had a seat and felt horrible on my own. Later on I went down into the arena and all of good from then on!

Have fun!