Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Change in routine

Since I started running, I've always preferred morning runs to afternoon or evening runs. I suppose I got used to it from the start, since that's when I typically worked out. Runs then carried over and my mornings were filled with runs.

Now, nearly 11 months into my running life, I'm going to add a new wrinkle and start running some in the afternoon.

The operative word is "some." I still plan on doing the majority of my runs in the morning hours, but there will be days like today where I need my morning time for other things, and a run would fit nicely in the afternoon hours.

I've tried to run in the afternoons before. I went a few times to the gym to get in some runs but things did not work out well. The last time I went, I believe it was the last time, I felt wasted and felt like the three miles I did were the hardest three miles I'd ever done. I had wanted to run five at the start but when I got to 2.5 or so, I felt that I only had a half-mile left in me. I was very disappointed because I labored so much and did not feel like I did much of anything that day.

Now, of course, I've had plenty of experience running in the afternoons, just not distance running. I had to run around dozens of soccer fields in the area for the last two months, so my body became adjusted to some sort of physical activity in the afternoons. I want to build on that, want to carry that over somewhat into my runs and give myself some time in the mornings to do other things. Sometimes, running can dominate a morning's plans, and if I can free up some time to do other things, be they work-related or cooking-related (course, I'd much rather cook than work...) then that would be an added bonus.

Soccer is over, and my heels could not be happier. And with the rain today, I'll head to the gym for a three-mile run. It should be a welcomed change of pace, and hopefully the start of something new.

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Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

I was always a morning runner until I started a job (this is like 9 years ago) that was only 3 miles from my house. I started runnning to and from work every day, 5 days a week, as a way to save gas money. Whew! I loved the time alone and the exercise...and the fact that I could literally eat anything I wanted and not gain weight.