Thursday, February 5, 2009

Long run in sight

A quick update on my heels before I get to my original thoughts for this post. I haven't done any running this week outside of soccer games. Still, I've had four games this week already in the first three days and will have another three today and one tomorrow. However, my feet feel good and I think the added time off from running has helped alleviate some of the discomfort.

Which brings me to to my next point. I will run the longest distance that I've ever ran in my life tomorrow. On Friday, I'm planning on running eight miles. It will actually work out perfectly as I will have ample enough time to do so. I will be able to sleep in (until 6 at least, which for me is sleeping in!) and won't have to do any writing (provided I finish it today). Also, if my feet and legs feel tomorrow like they feel right now, I will be plenty ready to get in my eight miles.

Now, the "longest run of my life" moniker might seem a little dramatic but it's the truth. I haven't ever run eight miles before. I've ran six and seven miles but never eight. However, I will be running the "longest run of my life" several times in the near future. I will run 10 miles on Valentine's Day, and will run 12 and 13 miles before my monster 13.2 challenge on April 19. So for now, eight miles seems like a lot but pretty soon it will be just a decent amount and not the "longest run of my life."

I only hope that my heel issues don't arise today in what promises to be a busy day of refereeing.

One thing I will have going for me tomorrow is my Garmin. I've used it already outdoors and it's been great. I'll have to share that in detail with you later today but for now just wanted to let you know that I'm already thinking about Friday 9 a.m. PT, which is when I plan on departing on the "longest run of my life."

Okay, I'll stop saying that. Otherwise, I'll be known as the "greatest exaggerator on the web."


5thsister said...

It's Luis out of the starting gate in 5...4...3...2...1! Glad to hear the heals are better and can't wait read about the "longest run" of your life!

Sarah said...

You can do it!! My advice is to listen to your body though, and if your heels really are hurting, go easy...looking forward to reading about how you do!