Friday, February 20, 2009

Cold front

I've been feeling sluggish all week. About the only time I haven't felt less than 100 percent has been during my runs and when we went dancing.

Tonight we have another dance lesson (expect a full report afterward) and on Saturday I have a biggie coming up, a 12-mile run.

I'm looking forward to my 12-mile run... if I get to run it. If this less-than-stellar feeling I'm having worsens, I might ground myself and not allow myself to run. When I ran eight miles a couple of weeks back, I was not feeling the greatest but still went through with it. I paid the price though as I felt much more wasted after that run than I did after my 10-mile run last Saturday. I felt energized after that run, mostly I think because I was in good condition to run it.

I'd say if I felt like I felt this morning before 8 I'd be up for running it. But if I feel like I'm feeling right now, it might not happen. Lessening my chances of running will be my wife, for she was against me running the 8-miler and said she was right that I shouldn't have ran that. I fear that I might actually have to listen to the voice of reason that is my wife for a change.

Either that or get up and go!

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Willoughby said...

I'm siding with your wife. Not only because it's probably a mistake to run when your not 100%, but because wives are always right! Have fun at your dance lesson!