Saturday, February 7, 2009

Post-run cooldown

I feel good today. Exactly 24 hours ago at this moment I was on my long run, my first eight-mile run. It feels good today to know that I was able to get that under my belt and now that I set my sights on the next monster challenge - my Valentine's Day 10-mile run - I have confidence that I can get there just fine.

I was wondering, though, how I would feel today. I wondered if the strain of a long run like that would leave any lingering effects, but so far not much to speak of. I'm not going to run today but I think if I had to I could get through a two-mile run for instance. My heels don't feel any different than usual, which is good. My hamstrings aren't tight and I don't feel any other sort of odd or strange pains anywhere.

What about my nipples? Yes, I chuckle too every time I write about them... Well, SpongeBob is still protecting the one so maybe that helped in the recovery process. It's always my right one that has given me issues. Hopefully this will not be a problem anymore and that I've learned my lesson and won't forget to put Vaseline on before runs. I don't know how I could have forgotten that since I've been really good about putting Vaseline before I ref soccer games and that's nothing compared to an eight-mile run.

Another thing I have to do to prepare for next week's run better is to make a new playlist. Yesterday's playlist worked great but I was about three songs short as I miscalculated the time. But also I went the hard stuff, the motivating stuff, a bit too early. I was at mile five when Metallica came on, and I need to bring out the heavy artillery later than that. I'm thinking at around mile seven next Saturday would be a good time to call in the muscle.

Also, this week I must do some of the midweek runs as much as possible. Last week my heels bothered me a bit so I skipped the runs but I think the midweek runs are crucial. I think had I ran a couple of miles earlier in the week I might have been able to maintain a higher pace and might have felt better during the last mile.

Anyway, just some thoughts I needed to get out before I move on to the planning stage of this upcoming week. I think I have a pair of two-mile runs as well as some sort of interval run on Wednesday.


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