Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Resolving the issues

I've been meaning to write about my New Year's Resolutions and give you an update on where I've done well and where I've fallen short. I suppose I'll do that now and then I can always re-visit them as I intended on writing about something else but here goes...

* Run outdoors twice a week: This is the only resolution where I can say with certainty that I've done well to meet. I have ran outdoors at least twice a week every week this year. The Garmin and my half-marathon training plan will only help me continue to attain this goal so I am not worried now about running exclusively indoors.

* Wear my CPAP six times a week: I've not worn it six times a week. I'd say it's been more of an average of three times a week. What I need to do is make an appointment with my doctor and get a new sleep study done. I really think my CPAP is not effective, or at least not as effective as it can be. Even on days when I've worn it and I shouldn't be tired, I still feel a bit fatigued. And then there are days like Monday where I just felt wiped out all morning for no apparent reason. I need a new sleep study and with a new CPAP and - at the very least - a new mask, I should be able to wear it every night.

* Maintain 1,800 calories a day: I think I've done well to meet this goal. I know over the last couple of weeks that I've lost some of the weight I put on during the holidays. I think I'm down at least three pounds, and that's a combination of both an increase in my running and a decrease of my calorie intake. I don't log my food, and I think if I did I would be able to better control my calories, not that they are out of control necessarily but sometimes it's easy to lose count.

Alright, well, I suppose I'll keep this post to my resolutions and will dedicate another post to what I had originally wanted to write about, which was my two outdoor runs with the Garmin. I'll have that up shortly, and in fact by the time I write it I should have three runs with it since I'm hoping to get in a run before 5 a.m. on Tuesday. We'll see if I make it out or not.

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