Tuesday, May 25, 2010

After The Mud

Some thoughts about the SMSD Mud Run and some things that didn't make the race report.

* I heard some things about how this race wasn't that organized last year. I didn't think that there was much, if any, sort of organizational issues this year so it seems they took care of them. The race started on time - at least I think so, since I didn't have a watch, I couldn't quite tell for sure. There were sheriff's deputies and volunteers throughout the course, plenty of water and fruit and mini-Clif bars and other such items available once we crossed the finish line. About my only complaint was enough water stations for runners to hose off at, but even still they did have plenty of hoses and even a water truck just spewing water constantly. There were just a lot of runners.

* The Youth race was awesome. I would highly recommend that for anyone who wanted to have their children under 13 years of age run a Mud Run. It was a good distance, a good mix of running and obstacles and a challenge. It was just as much a challenge for young children like my own as it was for children 10-13.

* Things we learned about attire, Part 1: tight shorts are better than loose shorts. Kennedy wore tight shorts and they were fine; well, they weren't exactly choking her but they fit well, nice and snug. Yvie wore loose shorts and they slipped a lot. They kept falling down towards the end, to the point where I briefly considered having Yvie just walk in her undies (she was covered in mud, so it would have looked like a swimsuit). I think next time just having them wear a one-piece swimsuit underneath would be good so they can walk around in it afterward. It was funny because whenever her shorts slipped Yvie said "Oh. dang it!"

* Things we learned about attire, Part 2: we were prepared to part with the clothing the girls wore but the stains came out for the most part. Yvie's shirt was already stained so no loss there. The socks are a disaster but that's the thing about mud runs - socks will get dirty dirty dirty and the stuff won't come out in the wash very well. Mrs. LB also washed the shoes and they seem to be okay.

* Things we learned about attire, Part 3: I'm not joking... if I run this race again, I will consider running it barefoot. My shoes sucked, a lot. There was not as much running in this as Camp Pendleton, as there plenty of mud pits and obstacles, and my shoes were loaded with mud and stones. I think I could have saved myself some heartache by just having ran barefoot. I mean, I saw people halfway through the race carrying their shoes.

* I was sore and tired after the race. My arms were and my legs were sore because I was working muscles that I normally don't work since I don't cross train. Just a quick aside.. what the heck is wrong with me, not cross training? Argh. I get so mad at myself... Anyway, it was a 5K with not a ton of running but I felt it. I still went and ran 15 miles on Sunday, but luckily I ran with some Lopers who took it nice and slow. I needed a nice and slow run.

* I got mud in my hair, on my goatee, in my ears, in my mouth, underneath my fingernails and toenails and some other, uh, interesting places. I also scraped up my knees and elbows. Good stuff.

* What's next? The Camp Pendleton Mud Run, on June 5. I am so excited for that one! Look out for my post on Wednesday for the comparisons between the two Mud Runs. Also, I'm still training for the San Francisco Marathon, and I will have a lot of long runs the next couple of months. I have 20 slated for the weekend after the Mud Run, for instance.

* SBSD Mud Run redux? Will I run this race again? I think I will, yeah. I'd like for the girls to run the Youth 1K again, and they've said they'd be up for running it again. We'll see what happens but for now, that's what they have in mind.


tahoegirl said...

oh, man. what have i gotten myself into? your posts make me more and more nervous/vomit like feeling...see you June 5th! oh, man....

Katie A. said...

I want to do a mud run!!! I bet running barefoot is a good idea, I wouldn't have thought of that either!
Glad you would do it again, that says a lot about a race.
Lots of long run coming up - don't you get excited!!! Only a couple of months left!!!

Whitney said...

I've got to try to find me a "local" Mud Run - after the baby of course. It looks like so much fun!
I can't believe you don't cross-train! Ha - just kidding. I've only started "cross-training" last week, because I'm gaining weight too fast. I really like food. :)

Lisa said...

You don't cross train? Dude you better start . Please don't tell me you don't stretch after running either.

Mark said...

I am the original tender foot, so running barefoot is out of the question for me. But everything I wore came clean after a couple of trips through the wash cycle. Granted, I wore some black athletic socks, so that helped disguise the mud if nothing else.

Lauren said...

Wow this race sounds realllly intense. I don't really cross train either so I'm pretty sure I'd be sore too. It sounds like you had a ton of fun though :D.