Monday, May 3, 2010

Motivational Mondays (May 3)

Usually I try and find something motivational about my own experiences, be they recent or long-ago. And while I could write about how I was able to PR on Saturday and all that, I will instead shut the eff up and let two of my awesome blog buddies motivate you, indirectly. I don't have a guest post or anything but two of my blog buddies were amazing this weekend in their own separate endeavors that I couldn't help but dedicate time and space to them here.

Angelina of Angie Eats Peace ran the OC Marathon on Sunday. This was her fifth marathon and her second this year. She ran the LA Marathon, and while that was a great event to participate in, she was not able to reach her goal of finishing a marathon in under 4:30. So she signed up for the very next marathon, which was the OC.

Just two weeks ago, we were on the hills of Redlands, and she helped get me to the finish line at the half marathon there in under two hours. I really don't know what would have happened if she wasn't there to help push me up the hills in Redlands, if I would have gotten the sub-2 hour half I desired.

I haven't talked to her about the OC Marathon, but I suspect she hit the course there just as hard. She crossed the finish line in 4:29:31 and proved just how determined she was in getting to her goal.

As of Sunday night, she hadn't posted the race recap but if and when it posts, I'll let you all know about it here.

Another motivating fellow blogger is Kerrie T. of Mom vs. Marathon. I actually had the honor of meeting her as we literally crossed paths on the Cedar River Trail when I was in Seattle on business last November. That was during my 18-mile run, and on Sunday Kerrie conquered her own 18-mile beast.

Kerrie is running her first marathon in June, the North Olympic Discovery Marathon. She's been diligent and steadfast in her training for this, and has done it all by her own, from the planning to the running. That should as motivation for anyone who wants to run a marathon but think they may not be able to go it alone. Read her recap here.

Anyway, while many of my blog buddies are tremendous for their own reasons, whether they run or not, I just felt that two particularly motivating stories deserved a tiny bit of recognition, if you can call this post that much.


Lauren said...

That is motivational! I can't wait to follow Kerrie in her marathon - it's been neat to watch her (and her distance) grow :D

Kerrie T. said...

Awww. Thanks, LB. :) Seriously would not be able to do this without the supportive runner/blogger community. It keeps me going.

Angie Eats Peace said...

Woohoo for Kerrie! I can't imagine doing that all on my own.