Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Leftovers (May 7)

Word Association

As always, play here.

1. Creepy :: Dirty

2. Links :: Pages
3. Sane :: Healthy
4. Bun :: Oven
5. Visual :: Optical
6. Remote :: Control
7. Freaking :: Awesome
8. Curly :: Fries
9. Saga :: Begins
10. Different :: Strokes

Splainin': I used to love Different Strokes. I know I'm dating myself as some 20-somethings probably don't remember the show much if at all but we used to watch it religiously. I'm not sure what the appeal was but it was a cool show back then. As a kid I used to watch a lot of sitcoms whether they were intended for children or not. Three's Company was probably my all-time favorite sitcom and I'm not sure that's really a show for kids. I mean, the Regal Beagle wasn't exactly Chuck E. Cheese's.

And the Saga Begins is this, a Weird Al song about Star Wars. It's actually a really good song.


I wanted to add a little bit to my post from Thursday, about running with children. I didn't mention Mrs. LB much, and I should go ahead and do that. Mrs. LB works long hours. She commutes a long distance and her job is sometimes stressful. So I don't want to rely on her for midweek runs simply because I don't want her to have to come home and then have to corral the girls while I go off and run. I want her to relax when she gets home and if possible have a warm meal to come home to.

So my window for running is typically in the mornings because of that. But not too early in the morning because she leaves for work at about 5:30 every morning. So running in the mornings would mean getting up at 4 and heading out then. And while I ran more than six miles at 4:30 in the morning during the Ragnar Relay, it's not necessarily the best option.

Mrs. LB has been very supportive of my running and especially running long distances on Sundays. We enjoy our family time as much as anyone else but it's important for me to get in those long runs on the weekend, and she supports that.

So when I'm trying to figure out about getting in my runs during the week, it's kind of my thing to figure out save for the weekend runs.

Five-Question Friday

I think I'm going to incorporate this into my Friday Leftovers post. I had some fun with it last week, so now I'm back to bring you my responses to Five Question Friday, which I got from here.

1. What was your worst memory of your siblings?

Oh man, tough question. My brothers and I have generally always gotten along. We fought of course but we always got along. However, there were some things that bugged the crap out of me about my bros back in the day. For instance, Danny ALWAYS tried to take my toys. Always. He would take them and break them. I used to have tons of GI Joe action figures and transformers and he would always break them apart. Come on, man. He's six years younger than me so when I was in my GI Joe heyday, I was about 10-11 and he was 4-5 or so. He didn't know how to break handle the delicate toys and would destroy them.

He tried to make up for it on my 33rd birthday. In the mid-80s, I had a toy helicopter that I'd really wanted, a helicopter that turned into a boat. It was awesome. I had it one day - ONE DAY - before Danny broke it. He broke the propeller and it really upset me. I may have cried. Anyway, Danny got me that same helicopter for me back in 2007. It was very well received. I put it together and it sits on top of a bookshelf in my office. I may have even played with it. Once or twice. You know, to make up for old times.

2. What was YOUR naughtiest childhood memory?

I'm taking naughty as being mischevous, not being, uh, well, you know... I did discover certain magazines... um, well, let's leave that topic alone :)

I don't think I was a troublemaker much, but I must have been because Kennedy is quite challenging, so I must be paying for previous sins. I think the worst thing I did was once in Mexico I squeezed a baby chick to death. I don't have any memory of this as I was all of three years old, but I've been told how I squeezed the chick hard and then it laid limp on the ground and I wondered why it wouldn't walk any more.

When I was a little older, we used to toilet paper houses. I had fun doing it but realize now how bad that was. I mean, if I woke up to toilet paper on my house and tree and cars and stuff, I'd be effing pissed >:(

Oh, maybe the worst thing I ever did was to play mailbox baseball when I was about 15. I really don't know what the heck I was thinking. I destroyed a lot of mailboxes that night :( :(

3. Where do you like to go to relax?

One of the most relaxing places I've been to is Glen Ivy Hot Springs. I got a massage there once, went with my wife there on our anniversary in 2008. I remember running six miles and then going there. At the time, I'd only ran six miles a few times, so that was a long-distance run to me. I wanted to maximize my massage so I did that.

Oh my goodness that massage felt so good. That was my one and only massage and I've been longing for another one since. I just remember feeling so relaxed at Glen Ivy, that it really was a place I'd love to go back to. If you aren't familiar with that, it's a place where mostly women go to spend the day. The ratio of women to men is like 100:1, which would have been great to have realized when I was a virilant 20-year-old. Still, the pools and saunas and mud baths... pretty relaxing stuff.

Here's a review from blog buddy Sue Ann Jaffarian (who happens to be a published book author) about her recent visit to Glen Ivy.

4. What was the last thing you won?

What the heck did I win? Well, I won a pair of Yurbuds from Christy's blog. Those things are awesome! I don't know that I've won anything else recently. Oh, well, I beat the girls in a game of Wii Tennis recently, but that doesn't really count I suppose.

5. If you could be on a game show, which would you choose?

Hands down, Jeopardy. I love Jeopardy. It's been banned at my house, has been for a long time. Mrs. LB finds it annoying how I'll shout out answers before the question's been read all the way through. That and I'm officially undefeated when playing with her. She claims I take the fun out of that. Whatever...

I have so much useless knowledge stored up that I would do well in Jeopardy. I also like Wheel of Fortune (I would not waste my money on buying vowels, for the record) but sometimes those things trick me. Back in the day, I used to love Press Your Luck, with all the whammies. That was fun. But I think I'll still take Jeopardy.


Lauren said...

I love the Saga begins song! And wow I can't believe a 3 year old could squeeze a chick to death! That's pretty intense.

I love how he bought you the helicopter for your birthday, that is really sweet. Who cares if you played with it, you had a right too!

That's really neat how you and Ms. B figure out living with each other, children, and your love of running. I'm definitely trying to take advantage of the fact that nobody else really depends on me right now. I can run whenever. I know it's going to be a challenge to work a life around it one day!

Katie A. said...

The Regal Beagle! I can't believe you brought that up! I LOVED Three's Company, and Different Strokes, but I don't know what my parents were thinking letting me watch Jack Tripper! LOL!
Jeopardy is a daily stapple at my house, both the hubbs and I love it. Too bad you can't watch it, it's been celebrity week this week and soooo good! Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you found Glen Ivy to be a place of relaxation and renewal. We're looking forward to welcoming you back again soon! Cheers to your health and happiness!

Raoulysgirl said...

I think it's great that you and Mrs. LB have worked out a way to incorporate everything. I think a lot of families struggle to do that...especially when one isn't supportive or considerate about something that the other needs or wants. It's awesome that the two of you are so in-synch.

P.S. I would totally kick your ass in Jeopardy. I am the master. :)