Thursday, May 20, 2010

Runnin' Up Mt. Rubidoux

I just got done with my Thursday ritual, my run up Mt. Rubidoux. It was a pretty challenging run, as always. I actually tried to take it easy up there today but couldn't. I actually felt like I needed a slower pace because I had a monster speedwork run on Wednesday but that course is always a challenge, and I always feel my blood flowing when I go there.

The worst part about the run was that next week will be my last week to run up there, at least how I do it now. The reason I'm able to run up there at all is because Kennedy has preschool, but her last day is next Thursday. After that, I'll probably be sticking to the gym for runs or dropping by my mom's house and, uh... "Oh gee, mom, you wouldn't mind it if I went on a run, would you? Awesome. Thanks."
I'm not sure when I'll be able to get back out there. Might have to plan for evening runs up there since Mrs. LB can stay with the girls once she gets home from work. Whatever the case, I feel running up there is an important part of my San Francisco Marathon training, so I'm not about to stop going there altogether.

I recently went up there with Kennedy. I'd gone to the gym first, ran about four miles or so, and then went straight there. Kennedy was game - she was actually excited about it - and we walked up there. She made it a good half-mile before she started to complain about being tired. Yeah, it's tiring.

Funny thing is we went the other way. See, there are two paved paths that lead all the way to the top. One is shorter but steeper. The other is not as steep but about twice as long. Since I figured Kennedy wouldn't last very long, I opted for the steeper path because it was shorter. I hardly ever run this way because I want to get in a longer run, but I should try and tackle the steep path more often.

Anyway, Kennedy did well to walk and push and walk some more. I did have to hold her and carry her a little but she was a trooper and got up there.

At the top of Mt. Rubidoux, there is a big American flag and a cross. There have been Easter sunrise services at Mt. Rubidoux for nearly a century, so it's a bit of a tradition around here.

There is a great view of Riverside from the top, and what makes it cool is this sign.

What you see on the sign is what you see while staring out into the city, and a lot of the buildings are labeled on the sign. So you can see where such landmarks as the Mission Inn are while you're staring out at them, and other places such as the local junior college, the hospital, museums, etc.

Of course, most times I don't pay any attention to anything but the path in front of me. In fact, I had no idea that sign existed until I was up there with Kennedy.

I need to take the girls there and I'm going to try and do it regularly. The problem is that when Yvie gets out of school, it's too hot to go try and walk anywhere, and once the day gets going, it's just tough to peel away. But we're aiming for that, to walk up Mt. Rubidoux.

One day, we'll all be running up there together, provided I can keep up with them. For now, a nice walk will more than suffice.


Whitney said...

Totally digging that shirt you are sporting.

Jephy's Mom said...

Looks like an ideal spot to work those legs. Having an Easter sunrise service there would really be something special too.

Katie A. said...

Nice job! And, after an awesome track workout!
I'm jealous of your mountain! I have one to run up but I have to share the road with cars, and sometimes it can get a bit sketchy!
One day you will get to chase your girls up there! That will be a good day :)

Lisa said...

Nice post. Definitely do some hill training for the SF Marathon. I'm trying to find some hills locally to run for my half.