Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First Travel Marathon

As you know, I've signed up for the San Francisco Marathon. On July 25, I will taste 26.2 glory once more. I'm still excited by the decision I made to sign up for it and with all the training it will require. Fun stuff!

This marathon will be different than my first one, mostly for one reason - it ain't nearby.

Now, we got a hotel room in Huntington Beach for the Surf City Marathon, so we had to travel to it I suppose. But that travel time is about 45 minutes on the freeway, not exactly a far-flung locale.

San Francisco isn't local. Sure, it's in the same state but California's the third-largest state in the country. Getting to San Francisco will be a chore.

We're planning this as an kid-free trip. Not that we wouldn't have fun with the girls but we figured we'd go as a childless couple, even though we aren't, to try and enjoy this weekend a little bit more than just for the race. I know it's going to be tough to sightsee but we hope to see some parts of the city at some point. Well, I'm actually going to see a lot of the city on that Sunday morning, but I'd like for Mrs. LB to be able to see some of it too.

We just booked our hotel. We got a sorta decent sorta close. Some of the hotels I was looking at were more than 200 a night and we got ours for under 150, and I don't think we were going to get any cheaper than that for somewhere within walking distance of the start/finish.

I'm actually excited at the prospects of this. While the weekend will be expensive, it could become something of a tradition. Every year, maybe I'll treat myself to a marathon in some far-off place. Who knows? San Francisco might be the closest summer marathon I run.

Now, in the summer months there aren't any marathons being held out here in SoCal. It's hot, so no chance of any races. I searched, and between the San Diego Marathon on June 6 and the Long Beach Marathon on Oct. 17, there was hardly any races at all, and I didn't find any marathons between that time. So if I want to run a summer marathon, it won't be local.

In contention with San Francisco this year was the Deseret News Marathon in Salt Lake City, which is held on July 24. I was intrigued with that one, and since Mrs. LB has lots of friends in Salt Lake City it would have been good to have taken the whole family and maybe spend some time in Salt Lake. I've only flown and driven through there, so I would have liked to have visited. But that will be the frontrunner for a summer marathon in 2011.

We'd also briefly talked about the Seattle Marathon on June 26 but there's a little soccer tournament going on from June 11-July 11, and I'm going to be occupied with that, so that never really had a chance. Would have been nice though.

So if San Francisco goes well, it might be good to start planning more marathons that require traveling. You get the best of both worlds that way.


Katie A. said...

I'm excited for you to come to SF and see the city! It really isn't that big of a city and there is a ton of outside areas very close that are easy to see - I'll have to give you a list!
You're going to enjoy it - the weather is awesome, the course is challenging but great - you're going to rock it! I even have some great places for you to eat when you come! Can't wait!

Amanda said...

With so many running bloggers up here, you both are bound for a good time!

5thsister said...

You and your bride are sure to have a wonderful time! It does sound like the start of a tradition. Good luck.

Kerrie T. said...

Yeah, I think it'd be fun to travel. I want to see what's going on in Florida when we're going to be there this year (in winter).

NODM is sort of a destination for us. It's 2 hours and 45 minutes away. Haven't booked a hotel yet. I think we are renting an RV. Should be interesting.

Lauren said...

Awww yay travel marathon! Dont' worry the kids will have plenty of fun without you ;)

Jephy's Mom said...

I love weekend getaways.

Whitney said...

I think that people who do the Deseret New marathon are freaking crazy. The 24th of July is one of the hottest freaking days in this here desert (why yes, Salt Lake City is technically a desert). But oh man, if you were coming up to it, I would probably be a fangirl and go cheer for you. :)

Chicago Mom said...

How exciting! I'm sure you'll have a great time.
I've heard Chicago has a pretty decent marathon; maybe you'll end up out here some day!

Angie Eats Peace said...

Awesome! I am still considering this race...