Monday, May 2, 2011

April Recap

Wow, it's May already. When did that happen and what happened to April?

Anyway, May's gonna be a fun month both running and with the family. I'll explain.

April Recap/Stats

Miles Ran: 75

Highest Mileage Week: 36

Long Runs Ran: 2 (10, 26.2)

Favorite run: Diamond Valley Lake Marathon on 4/9

Least Favorite run: There are no such things for me, I enjoy running and try to enjoy every run.

Most hardcore run: It doesn't get much more hardcore than a marathon, and then to run a marathon that is apparently for hardcore marathoners... well, that kinda makes the DVL Marathon a hardcore run.

Race(s): Have I mentioned I ran the Diamond Valley Lake Marathon?? I'm still and will forever be glowing in the aftermath of that race.

Current Reads: Am reading a couple of books on mountain climbing, maybe I'll blog about that

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Playing a game on the girls' Nintendo DS. I blame Mrs. LB since she started playing it first. It's a puzzle game called Jewel Master. Addicting.

Current Obsessions: Playing board games (Dominion mostly, which is actually a card game). I blame my brother Danny.

Current Drink: Water. Agua. Wasser.

Current Song: Ready to Start, by Arcade Fire. That song's legit. Arcade Fire won Grammy for Best Album of the Year, and that whole album has for me lived up to such a lofty award.

Current Wish-List: To get my Sirius re-installed in my truck

Current Need: I need to register for a handful of races that I'm planning on doing here in the next few months.

Current Triumph: Having run Marathon No. 4.

Current Bane of my Existence: Bad drivers. I take the long way to places a lot around here because I go the less-traffic way because otherwise these bad drivers just irritate me. Grrr...

Current Goal: To get to averaging 40 miles a week.

Current Indulgence: Trail mix. I swear I never buy the stuff because I pop it in my mouth like candy.

Current Blessings: Yvonne and Kennedy, daddy's superstars.

Current Excitement: School gets out on May 26! Beach trips, bike rides, walks up Mt Rubidoux, trips to the library and - best of all - lazy mornings around the house... that's what the girls and I have to look forward to afterward. How can you NOT get excited about that??


tahoegirl said...

Way to go for the month of April.

Your summer sounds relaxing. I request pictures of the LB clan on these outings please.

Morgan said...

I love that you're still glowing over the DVL Marathon! Congrats again!

I agree with tahoegirl, I am so loving your summer plans with the girls!

Michael said...

Great numbers for April! I'm glad you are still glowing in your Diamond Valley marathon - you should be! Yeah for summer vacation and more fun time with your girls!

Amanda said...

Great month!

This is a very off topic question, but I know your girls are duel immersion with Spanish and English- what would be the best tool to learn relevant latin american spanish, for someone like me who gets hung up on verb conjugation haha. Thanks in advance!

Tales from the Back of the Pack said...

DVL que?? Off to look for that DVL recap...!

Blanda Amania said...

Nice monthly mileage there! I think it's awesome that you enjoy every run. I want to get there. :)

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Great month! I would die without Sirius while I travel ... it's legit!!!