Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Four Mile Monster

Four miles doesn't seem so bad, does it? When you train for and run marathons, trust me, four miles is not bad at all.

I had that thought in mind when I set out for a speedwork session on Wednesday morning. I had a simple plan. I had a four-mile route planned out and I'd run an easy first .5 of a mile and then start in on the speedwork. I'd run two minutes pretty fast, not all out but fast, and then two minutes easy. I figured I'd do that for a few miles, so maybe four to six of those sprints. That might get me close to four miles, so I'd tack on some time at the end to allow for a proper cooldown.

So, how did it work out?

Well, here's the speedwork in all its statistical glory.

Not bad, right? Looks like I had a good, solid run and met my goal.

The part in orange is basically fast. Red is like no way I can run that fast for more than a few steps, but orange is more like my 5K-10K pace.

Let me break down the segments for you to give you a feel of how it really went because there are some things this graph doesn't show.

Minutes 1-6

This is going to be fun. Well, not fun but it's going to a challenge. I wonder if four miles will be enough?

Wait, it seems like I'm going to fast. Time to dial it back some. I wonder if I'll have to remind myself to slow down during my easy parts.

Minutes 6-14

Okay, this is a pretty good clip. Just gotta keep this up here for a couple of minutes not bad. I wonder if this is my 5K pace or how fast I'm going.

Here we are, the one-mile mark. I wonder what my pace is?

micoach app: "Pace: 7 minutes 45 seconds per mile."

Alright, that's good, right?? I wasn't really trying to run at a 5K pace but, well, this is *speedwork* How much more time until I can slow down?

Minutes 14-24

Whew! This workout's really testing me. These rest segments aren't all that restful. I guess I'm still going fast but it's more like a 10K pace, well, faster than my 10K pace. Even though not sure it really feels like it, feels like I'm going slower.

I haven't slowed down though, so must be. I wonder if four miles is too long. Alright, here comes a rest. I could use a rest.

Minutes 24-28

Seriously?!? I just slowed down. How could the two minutes possibly be up? This stupid watch must be broken.

Minutes 29-33

Oh Lord, I think I have one more sprint left in me. Okay, let's go, legs churning, fight through it.



Aw crap, that's your 5K cough. I'm getting near puke threshold. Who's idea was it to run this stupid speedwork anyway? Four miles is too damn long.

Minutes 34-37





Oh... crap... I.... am done... with


the... sprints.

*clearing throat*

Can I be done, period? No? Crap. Oh well, finish strong... nah, screw that. Let's just cruise into the final. If I wanted to run fast at the end I'd have run another stupid two-minute segment.


Lauren said...

haha i say great job getting out there. Speedwork sucks, no matter how you do it. That's all :)

Annette@(running)In the Right Direction said...

speedwork does suck! What program is that looks so cool!

L.B. said...

Speedwork is only fun when you are setting PRs!

The program is called micoach and its from adidas. If you have a blackberry or iphone, you can use it and best of all, it's free! It's replaced my garmin, that's how much I like it.

Jill said...

Hahah...that totally made me laugh, and I needed it. Well, at least you're got some speedwork in, right? :)

Laurie said...

That was great... love your insight, it definitely adds some flavor to the graph. Great job on a tough workout!

Whitney said...

Sounds like a GREAT workout. You crack me up.