Monday, May 16, 2011

Still Here!

I'm still here.

I know my blogging hasn't been regular the last few weeks but I ain't going anywhere!

However, I did manage to lose a follower today. Not sure if readers expect more from my or not, but I lost someone. Maybe some readers want a post a day or something, and when I slowed down, they deemed this blog unworthy.

Sad face.

Anyway, I have been just taking it easy on the blogging, hitting my paying gigs a bit harder and trying to prepare for an adjustment period here in the summer, which will start soon enough for me.

I will be blogging this week though. Here are some of what I'll be blogging about...

* The Fontana Days Half Marathon, coming up on June 4
* My plans for the San Francisco Marathon - could be pacing my brother-in-law at the half marathon there
* Some happenings with the Lopers that would change the way I participate and interact with the club - for the better, trust me.
* I'd like to also blog about some non-running stuff, so might throw a post in about my pretty little ladies.

Hopefully that's enough to keep you around. See you on Tuesday morning!


Lauren said...

Awww I wouldn't worry about one reader! Maybe they just lost their account or something :) You're truly an entertaining and inspiring blog to read, no worries for not being "constant". I'd take quality over quantity any day!

Kerrie T. said...

I lost a couple readers in the Blogger-epic-fail the other day. No worries. They'll find you again! You rock!

Blanda Amania said...

Aw, that's too bad. They're missing out on good writing! The stuff that pays should come first, of course. I'll wait for fun writing however long it takes.

Glenn Jones said...

Losing a follower has more to do with someone dropping one of their accounts altogether. Besides, it's not like we're getting compensated by the number of followers we amass....