Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tres Cosas Jueves

1. Strepped Down: A couple of days ago, my throat started to bother me. It became increasingly more and more difficult to swallow. On Wednesday I took a look at my throat and one side was bigger than the other. Halls hadn't done anything to take the edge off, so with the urging of my wife I went to urgent care and found out that I have a strep throat. I'm sidelined now for a couple of days, hoping I will be able to run this weekend. I think the worst part is to remind myself to stay hydrated. I really don't want to eat or drink anything because it's like razor blades down my throat but oh well. Hopefully the antibiotics I was prescribed do the trick.

2. May Gray: April was a fairly warm month out here in SoCal, and May started out that way also. We figured spring was here and that our warm weather was too. On Wednesday, it rained and it was in the 60s. It's rained three of the last four days and it's been cool for more than a week, probably closer to two. I know, I don't get any grief from many of you but still... I want my warm weather! The girls will be out of school exactly one week from today and I had wanted to maybe go to the beach their first full week off. With the way it looks outside, though, it seems like it's time to stay indoors, drink some hot chocolate and watch movies.

3. Netflix: Do you have Netflix? We've had it for a while and we love it. We watch a lot of stuff through our Wii so we have Netflix Watch Instantly in our living room. It's really cool. Where it's been awesome is that I can further control what my girls watch or rather what they don't watch - commercials. I would hate it when the girls would tell me we needed some bullcrap that they saw on a commercial and they just would soak up all the products and stuff they were being marketed. It was annoying, but aside from not letting them watch TV at all, I was fighting a losing battle. Now, I don't like for them to watch too much TV anyway. I do limit their time no matter what and they're not addicted to the TV. But with the Netflix, there are no commercials, I can tell them one more episode or show or whatever and I'll know exactly when it ends and there are a lot of options for them to choose from. We watched all three seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender, we're watching Flipper now, the girls have fallen for the Pink Panther (the original shows plus a newer version) and there are some old standbys on there like SpongeBob and Phineas and Ferb. Plus for me, there are some shows I like such as Bizarre Foods, Man vs. Food, No Reservations plus some shows I need to watch like Dexter. It's really changed the way we watch TV... well, at least the girls' viewing habits. For 10 bucks a month or so, you can't beat it.


Willoughby said...

Sorry to hear that you have strep! That's no fun! We have a local store that has about 20 different flavors of frozen drinks (we call them Slushies, not sure what you call them in California) and they always seem to help sore throats. My kids like to layer four or five flavors, I like one flavor at a time. Have you tried something like that?

It's been super rainy and cool around here, too. The grass, trees and flowers look great, but it's almost impossible to get any yardwork done. We don't even have the pool ready to go, even though the cover has been off for over a week.

We love Netflix, too! We were watching a mini-series over the weekend and it was so nice not to have commercials. I think it would take about 8 hours to watch it on network television, but only about 7 on Netflix (we didn't watch all of it, yet).

Feel better soon!

Michelle said...

Hope the strep stays away from the kiddos - I think that is the worst illness!

Commercials make me batty - hello, pillow pets. Whoever thought of those should be subjected to the commercial over and over and over.

Morgan said...

It's been raining here non-stop for weeks so I def feel your pain. I'm sorry your perfect weather is hiding from you...

Hope the throat feels better soon!!!

Michael said...

Strep sucks...the good thing is the antibotics will kick it fast. You will be feeling much better in just a couple of days.

No netflix. I love to go to the movies...if I didn't see if at the movies, I didn't want to see it that bad anyway.

Kerrie T. said...

I think you know what I am going to say about the weather. HOT CHOCOLATE? The 60's is tank top weather!

Sorry about the strep. That sucks. I bet it goes away in time, though!