Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Ate My Post, And Other Bits


Blogger was down for a while and now it's back but it zapped my post from Wednesday.

Super lame.

I wanted to sit down and write something here now, not sure what, but it took me some time to get Wednesday's post together and now it's gone so all that work for nothing. And now the fear is that I will put in a lot of work for nothing again.


But I don't want your visit to have been for nothing, so I will share with you a few things.

-- Fontana Days Half Marathon sold out! I'm so lucky I signed up when I did. Seriously though, for 35 bucks, you can't beat that price. Especially around here in SoCal, where you can't find a lot of half marathons for that price.

-- Some Loper friends have signed up for Long Beach. I wanted to run the full last year and that's now making me long for a full. I could run the full if...

-- ... I run the San Francisco Half instead of doing the full monty. My brother-in-law said he'd be willing to do the half in San Francisco and I think it would be a rewarding and awesome experience to run his first half marathon with him. I shall probe this further in a future post... maybe, unless Blogger wants to eat it, in which case I won't because I don't like my work to vanish.

-- After today, there are nine days of school left. You hear that, Newport and Huntington beaches? Yes, the Bueno clan is coming for YOU!!!


Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

If Blogger never brings it back, the post still exists in my Google reader, so you can just copy and paste it back in.

But it seems like Blogger is still having issues, so I'm assuming everything that vanished will reappear in the next day or two.

tahoegirl said...

Yay for school almost being out!