Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tres Cosas Jueves

1. Mentoring: I may get into this in more detail but for now just wanted to share this. My brother-in-law asked me to help him run long distances. He's been running off and on for a while, but no more than three miles. He used to be in the Army and ran then of course but that was more than 10 years ago. I feel honored and excited about the opportunity. He's expressed interest in running a half marathon this summer as well. For that, you'll have to wait because it could also have a bit of an effect on what I do this summer too. But it's great that I'm able to help him along. We had our first run together last weekend as we ran three miles together. Saturday we're doing four and then we'll progress little by little afterward. He says his ultimate goal is to run a marathon so I'm definitely going to be there for that, both in training for it and possibly running it with him. This mentoring thing is something I can sink my teeth into.

2. Summer Already? It was 94 degrees out here on Wednesday, and Tuesday it also was north of 90 degrees. We've been going through a bit of a heat wave as 2011 bypassed spring and went straight into summer. Right? Well, the forecast is a bit more kind once the weekend hits. It's supposed to get down into the 70s this weekend and possibly even into the high 60s early next week before leveling off in the mid-70s for the next week or so after that. I'm not complaining about the heat necessarily but it would be nice to have a spring so I don't have to run in the heat quite yet. We don't get snow around here and we have mild winters compared to what some of you have to endure but the flip side of that is that it's below or at triple digits for a good three months, and the longer we can hold that off, the better off we'll be.

3. Hairdos: A couple of weeks ago I mentioned how I need to figure out more hairdos for the girls. I think this summer I'm going to spend some time with them trying new things. I follow this really cool blog about hairdos for little girls but most of them, I'm like "Yeah, right." Still, there are some basic ones on there that could be worth experimenting with. Anyway, here's some of my recent handiwork.

Alright, not perfect. I could part Kennedy's hair way better than that. In fact, I think it was Tuesday this week I did pigtails but then I braided them and it looked good but I didn't take a picture (sad face). Yvie's bun is cool. I like how it turned out but the problem with that is I'm not sure how long it stays. I can't recall if it stayed in the whole day or not. I think it did but it was falling out when she got home from school. Anyway, that's two recent good-hair days that weren't just the usual ponytail hairdos. Hopefully when they start school in the fall I'll have some more things in the rotation. Oh, and Kennedy's ribbons... totally my idea. Yup. I saw those ribbons floating around in the bathroom and just figured, why not? It's actually kind of awesome and sad at the same time that I was inspired in such a way.


Michael said...

The pics of the girls hair are great. What a sweet Dad who takes time to fix his girls and....and read a blog for new ideas :) Yay, for becoming a running mentor. That's awesome...and you get a running partner to boot. 90s is hot, but we can't seem to get warm here in KC. I'm still waiting for some warmer weather. Finally warmer weather over the next few days. I'm tired of sporting a jacket.

Morgan said...

1. That is awesome your brother wants you to mentor him!!! You're going to be a great mentor.

2. Why don't you whine some more about your weather... I'd kill for just a solid week of 60's!!!

3. Best. Dad. Ever.

tahoegirl said...

Great job on the hairdos. That is awesome you do that stuff for your girls. :o)

Um, 90's? We still have to have the heat on over here. I did wear shorts for my outdoor run today was 46.

Always knew you would be a good mentor. I think you could be a running coach, especially with your story. Just putting that thought out there...

We need to run a half together someday. You could pace me to a sub 2. :OD

Whitney said...

I really love that you take the time to do your little girls' hair.