Monday, July 13, 2009

LB's Randomness

I'm almost back to my neck of SoCal. The way back was worse than the way there. Guess I just wanted to get home. To pass the time, I thought. A lot. I got some of those thoughts down to share with everyone.

Random thoughts that ran through my head during my drive from Phoenix to Riverside:

Should I get coffee, even if its 100 degrees outside?

I would never run outdoors here, from May to September anyway. Too effing hot. 95 degrees at 7:30 in the morning?? You kidding?!?

I wonder if local runners get adjusted to the heat and are able to run here.

Why does Arizona have these inane "photo enforcement zones?" Is that Arizona's way of generating revenue in this economy?

There is a ghost town named Bueno, Arizona. I don't know if anything remains though, or where the hell it is, but I should find it one day.

How did people in the Old West survive this heat? How did the native Arizonans (Hopi, Pima) survive this heat?

I wonder if I can make it back in time to take the girls to library storytime.

I'm not going to complain about the 90-degree weather in Riverside. For at least a couple of days. Maybe a week.

I should just get a mohawk. I wimped out and got a faux hawk. I should just do it.

I wonder what that plum I left in the trunk tastes like.

Why can't California have a speed limit of 75 like in Arizona? At least between Blythe and Coachella.

I have to remember to buy the girls the They Might Be Giants CD, Here Come The 123s.

I wonder what it would be like if I ran to a playlist made up of childen's music.

I probably know more children's music artists than regular acts, like top 40 artists. Not that I was ever into that, but I'm just so out of touch.

Still, I'd rather listen to The Jimmies singing about peanut butter sandwiches than some of the crap that passes for music today.

Why did bands in the 90s kick so much ass and bands now suck so much ass? White Zombie. Tool. Korn. I mean, there is not one band that rose to prominence this decade that is better than Rage Against The Machine. There isn't. Not even close.

The Chiefs are going to be better than a lot of people think this year. But the Broncos are going to blow.

I just don't know why my wife doesn't like The Fugitive. Ok, so its not like one of my favorite movies but I can watch it over and over again and not get sick of it. Like Groundhog Day.

What is it about the Golden Girls that she likes? I don't get it.

I can't wait to watch Burn Notice on the tivo tonight.

Maybe I should borrow Dexter from my brother. A lot of people seem to like that show.

I really don't want to stop for a third time to use the bathroom. Shouldn't have drank all that water. Oh well. Better than eating chips or that entire bag of trail mix you passed on at the gas station.

Twentynine Palms. Thousand Palms. Palm Springs. Palm Desert. I see a pattern.

Ok, you always say this when you pass here but you Gotta figure out what those spinny things outside Palm Springs are and how they work.

CFI Trucking. What might CFI stand for? Corrupt Federal Informants. Confederate Flag Ignoramuses. Crappy Fuel Injection. Constantly Faking Injury. Can't Feel It. Cilantro's Far-reaching Influence.

Wow. Random thoughts. Hey, wouldn't it be funny to get some of these thoughts down and put them on my blog?


Angie Eats Peace said...

You should have gotten an iced coffee.

Go for the mowhawk!

How can you not see the appeal of The Golden Girls! They are hilarious! Incidentally, I am watching them right now. I have every season on DVD.

5thsister said...

Random thoughts in response to this blog post:

Never was a Golden Girls fan myself. Bea Arthur was an angry old biddy.

The Fugitive? Meh, take it or leave it. Did he ever find the one armed man?

Hate the heat. Can't run in the heat.

All I want to do is nap today.

I don't like working night shift.

That Greek Chicken sure was good.

I'd love to visit the Southwest some day...maybe in the winter time, cuz, you know, I hate the heat!

Amanda said...

Mohawk for sure.

My thoughts on driving that same stretch out of AZ... what is wind power called? There is Hydro power, Solar power, what is it?! We even phoned a friend lol. Just wind power :)

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

This is something I do when I can't fall asleep...and I agree with everyone else, go for the real mowkawk, you work from home, right? And I'm with you, the heat sucks.

Lissaloo said...

What a fun post, definitely should have gone with the iced coffee :)

Willoughby said...

I loved this post because that's exactly the way I think, in insanely random snippets. You probably knew that already, you've read my blog!!

Gracey said...

I enjoyed this post very much.

And now I want an ice coffee too!

Definitely go for the mohawk!

Oh, and I LOVE Dexter! He rocks!

Mark said...

Random responses.

Never get coffee. Water is better for you. (Then again, I never liked coffee).

I love heat, but I'm not a fan of running in the heat. And I only enjoy the heat because of AC. Don't know how I'd manage it in pioneer days.

Every guy needs to get a Mowhawk at least once in his life. Mine wasn't long enough to stand up (I keep my hair buzzed short), but it sure was fun.

Californians drive as if our speed limit were 75 already.

The Fugitive is great. Golden Girls, not so much.

Thursday's Burn Notice was different but quite fun.