Thursday, July 2, 2009

What's in a name?

Team No. 99 of the Las Vegas edition of the Ragnar Relay is the Desert Tortoises. That's us. I think it's going to be an appropriate title as I'm sure we won't be setting any course records.

Actually, the way it's staggered, the race will sort of take care of itself in terms of keeping everyone competitive with each other. Not everyone starts at the same time as the elite teams start later and the slow-legged teams like us will start earlier. Each team must submit a fairly detailed pace breakdown stating how long it will take runners to complete their legs. I'm not certain how detailed it has to be as the team captain takes care of all that, and I'm not the team captain.

We're all planning on getting together (all nine of us, still room for three runners!) sometime soon to figure that out. I think for my runs I'll plan on running between 9:00-9:30 a minute, with the last leg at 9:30-9:45. That's just a guess though.

Anyway, the Desert Tortoises are amongst some stiff competition. Scanning the names of the other 135 teams are some rather interesting ones.

How about 11 Runners and a Walker? I like that name.

Or how about On The Rag-nar, an all-female entry? Clever.

Wile-E-Coyotes makes sense since it's in the desert.

What Happens in the Van Stays in the Van? Yeah!

But I think my favorite name and one that I'd like to think I'd have a spot in is this: Toenails Are For Sissys.

The only one that could possibly top that would be something like The Bloody Nipples, but I haven't come across that one yet.


5thsister said...

"bloody nipples" LOL! You know, you should invent an adult beverage with that name. I'm sure it would make AR headlines! Or maybe Willoughby could come up with one (for her Friday night posts) in honor of you! I'm excited for the relay. It's great you were able to get everyone on board.

Willoughby said...

Some of the team names are too funny!

I like Polly's idea, but I gotta be honest, I'm not sure I could talk myself into drinking something called "Bloody Nipples" no matter how much alcohol it had in it!

Angie Eats Peace said...

Did you guys decide on costumes?

L.B. said...

Love the drink idea. In Montreal I had a drink called Caesar that was clamato juice, vodka, tobasco and Worcestershire sauce. That sounds kinda like what a Bloody Nipple might be like. Maybe Clamato juice and some other hard liquor.

As for costumes, not settled on anything yet. We'll do something though. First thing we thought of is some sort of turtle-like hat, like a baseball cap somehow made to look turtle-ish.