Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fuelin' The Runs

It's not often that I add things to my running repertoire. In terms of adding things that I will use often such as watches, GPS and things like that, I've only had a handful of those moments. From my first pair of running shoes to taking The Garmin out for the first time, those moments have been few and far between.

Today, though, was one of those times.

I got my new fuel belt on Wednesday. It will accompany me on Sunday's run.

Now, I won't use it every run of course. No need to break out the belt for a three-miler, for instance. But from Sunday to Dec. 13, a span of less than three months, I am scheduled to run in more than 10 double-digit runs with the Lopers. Not to mention my Ragnar runs, when I'm sure I'll utilize the belt at some point during my respective three legs, and I'm going to put some use on the belt soon enough.

I got the fuel belt for a total fo 32 dollars on Amazon (thanks Willoughby for the tip!). That saved me about 15-20 bucks from having to buy it off the rack at the local running store. I used some of the mouse funds to buy the belt so thanks Mickey!

I like the color but really I didn't care... too much. I couldn't bring myself to run with a purple belt but red suits me fine. The belt fits me nice and snug so I don't anticipate having any problems of it slipping when I fill up the water bottles. The shiny part in the front is a little pocket, which I'll use to store some Gu. I'm not up-to-speed on Gu yet since I haven't tried it but it's an energy gel that you are supposed to use during long runs to help restore some of the resources you've depleted. Gu is just one of many brands but it's the one that's been recommended by the Lopers (at least my pace leader) so I'll have to get on that soon enough.

But I'm pretty psyched this morning about my run on Sunday. I plowed through The Interval on Wednesday and felt so good afterward. Friday's a 4-5 mile run (sadly, on the 'mill) and then Sunday's my first 10-mile run since late spring/early summer. Can't wait.


tahoegirl said...

regarding Gu, when are you supposed to have it? pre, mid or post run? i miss the GNAT post on AR :o( BTW: sweet belt!

L.B. said...

Hi TG! Good luck on your 10-miler on Sunday!

The Gu, I've been told, is when you've been running for about an hour or so. As far as I know, the hour mark is about the point where you want to start drinking Gatorade and poppin' the Gu because that's about the point where you start to really deplete your resources.

They had Gu at the running store and I know it's sold online. Not sure about the sporting goods stores, but I would check out Sport Chalet. They may carry it there.

yeah, I feel like I let you all down with the GNAT posts over on AR. Hopefully we can get back on track with that soon.

tahoegirl said...

thanks LB! i am excited, but quite nervous about sunday!!! should be about 50 degrees at race time -- that's the iffy temp for short sleeve or long sleeve. :o)

L.B. said...

You'll do great, I'm certain!

I dont know if I've run before at 50 degrees or colder. I sweat a lot and my body temperature usually rises quickly when I run so I'd probably wear short sleeves, but that's just me. My fear would be getting to mile 8 and feeling horribly uncomfortable in long sleeves. But who knows? I might be wearing long sleeves, gloves and a beanie come wintertime here :)

Some runners will take something long sleeve and take it off and just ditch it during the race, so like a jacket or something that they dont care about and then just toss it after a few miles. Might seem like a waste but then again if it's some old, ratty long-sleeve shirt or sweatshirt, might be an option.

5thsister said...

Now be careful Luis. Don't store too many bottles of H2O or you may be "shooting the moon"! LOL. Yeah, I'm missing the GNAT, too. I did have another running dream....this time Ireland. Maybe we could run across Europe and Asia?

Willoughby said...

Glad I could help you save a few bucks! The fuel belt is such a cool idea. Of course, if I were using it, I'd look down to get something out of it and run head first into a pole!

Angie Eats Peace said...

I never even thought to look for those on Amazon, great tip!

I paid the 15ish extra dollars for mine, but it has really been worth it. I run almost all my races and long runs with it.