Friday, September 4, 2009

Run, Interrupted

Good news: I got in a 34-minute-plus run on Friday, and ran for almost four miles.

Bad news: I'd wanted to run for 40 minutes and/or 4.5 miles.

But not all was my fault, and I don't feel bad about it.

I had planned for a tempo run this morning. Well, planned maybe isn't the right word. I'd thought about running for 30-40 minutes on the 'mill at the gym, and on my drive there I figured it would be good to try for a tempo run since I hadn't done it in awhile. Once I was on the 'mill, I figured it would be good to run for 10 minutes at a 6.0 pace, then run for 20 minutes at a 7.2. Now, that's not the fastest time as it is about 8:20 per mile. I should be running at a 5K pace, and I'm using 8:00 per mile as my 5K pace so it wasn't quite there, but it was between my 10K and 5K paces.

Anyway, it was faster than the first mile. I felt great and was really cruising along when my iPod decided to take a dump. Just felt like not working anymore, I suppose. That was at minute 26, and I still had four more minutes of the tempo part of my run.

I made it just fine, got back down to a 6.4 and was going to make it to either 40 minutes or 4.5 miles, whichever came first. I didn't expect to get a call first, though.

"Attention please," the loudspeaker blared. "Luis Bueno to the kid's club."

Crap! I had to hit stop. Had about six minutes left, was at 3.87 when I stopped.

But Dad duty called. Kennedy's been feeling a bit off the last couple of days. She was fine in the morning but certainly wasn't herself when I saw her after my run. We went by the store and now she's resting at home.

It's good though that I got in my run, even if I didn't get to the 40-minute mark. Had I waited any longer, I probably wouldn't have gotten in any run at all.


Amanda said...

Aww kids have a way of doing that, but I hope Kennedy feels better soon. :(

Angie Eats Peace said...

Hope she is feeling better! Definitely better than not running at all, though.