Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another half?

I guess I like torture. That's the only explanation I can come up with. I like to torture myself.

I'm taking a look at running in this half-marathon, the Camp Pendleton Heartbreak Ridge 13.1 Marathon, to be precise. It's on Sept. 19, which would be perfect actually. I'd love to run some sort of race in September, a longer race, and the other 13.1 marathon I'd consider is way overpriced (the Disneyland Half Marathon charges $120 compared to $40 for this one).

This course, though, is something else. It wouldn't be as easy as the Run Through Redlands... and that wasn't exactly "easy." But compared to this, it might seem that way.

From the Web site:

COURSE: 13.1-mile course, 90% gravel off-road through the breathtaking rolling hills of Camp Pendleton in the 43 area. Course is on packed fire-roads. This race draws over 1,000 runners who compete for awards in 50 categories. This course offers a little bit of everything - it’s an out and back course, including rolling hills and some flat and fast stretches intermixed throughout. Course support is plentiful with water/electrolyte replacement and medical aid stations throughout.

Um, yeah, the whole "breathtaking rolling hills" part sort of throws me off. Do they mean the view is breathtaking or that the terrain will beat you up so much that it will take your breath away? I'm guessing the latter.

I'm up for a challenge and if I do run a marathon, I don't think it will be this year (that blog post is coming so keep an eye out for it!).

I think the October Mud Run is already sold out, wait, let me check.... yeah, it's sold out. As of April 4. So that's out of the question. I'll need something to train for and dread and fear and be anxious over this fall, and this race might be it. So for now, I'm setting my sights on this half marathon. And I can tell you right now, there's no way on God's green earth that I will come close to two hours, nor will I care.

I'd be happy just to walk away with my breath intact.

Here's the course map:

Yeah, not easy.


5thsister said...

I like how they say "rolling hills" when they should be saying "mountainous terrain"! LOL! Actually, I'm not surprised you were this quick to sign up for another one. And I was just thinking that it should be anytime when LB starts talking/dreaming about the big M...all 26+ miles! You the man!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Yikes- I've been to Camp Pendleton (my little brother was stationed there for 2 years), and they're not joking about the hills! At least you won't be huffing it with 80 pounds on your back, like the Marines. And the run is actually on my brother's birthday, how cool is that?

tahoegirl said...

hey LB - just wondering what you eat the night before and morning of a run? (i have a 10K on May 9 that i am anxious about already!)

L.B. said...

Hi TG! Usually the night before I eat some pasta. Before my half, I made some hearty meat sauce and served it over some penne pasta. I ate lots. Wasn't worried about keeping my calorie count with that meal. Before the mud run, I had some chicken parm and served it with spaghetti.

The morning of races, I eat the same: an energy bar almost exactly one hour before the race starts. I like the Costco ones, the zone max bars, but my favorite is the snickers one, I believe its marathon energy bar or something. That really does give you a boost. I only drink water before the race. Its important to stay hydrated obviously and I'm not the biggest fan of drinking water early in races.

I'm excited for you and your race! Sounds like fun!

L.B. said...

That should read that I eat the same thing the morning of races, an energy bar.

You could eat a banana and/or a bagel and you'd be fine too.