Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Race pics!

Easily one of the best things about races are the pictures.

Accomplishing a goal, achieving something, setting... yeah, yeah, yeah, where are the pictures?!?

That's usually the thing that people are most interested in. I try and describe my race to someone and the challenges I faced and some of the tougher parts and they're semi-engaged but when I show them pictures, I suddenly have a captive audience.

Anyway, here I post the pictures to my captive online audience. Five shots in all, three of me, two of my overachieving brother.

This is my least-favorite picture. I'm not buying this one (I probably won't buy any of them, but if I do, this one won't be included). This is during the stretch run. I noticed the photographer as I was passing him; otherwise I might have tried to look less haggard.

Here's Danny, about three minutes ahead of me. There was a really long bike trail here that took us from one major street out towards another, back to the start line and around a block to the finish line. This is probably about a mile before the finish.

Not sure where this is. I haven't gone through the 4,000-plus pictures but I doubt you'll find any other male runners with pants AND gloves. LB, setting the fashion standard once again.

More eye candy for the females. When I was about 15, I used to own Danny and I'd make him cry. A lot. He wasn't an overachiever then, just a little punk.

This is probably my favorite picture. I actually didn't mean to wear my sunglasses, but when I went back to the car and put all my stuff inside, I forgot to leave my sunglasses behind. I didn't realize I had them until I was almost back to the start line.


Raoulysgirl said...

You added the Danny pictures just for me, didn't you?

I like the pant/glove combo...makes you look like you're ready to kick ass and take names!

Willoughby said...

Wait until your next running magazine comes, you know they're going to steal your look. I'll bet you'll see lots of pictures of guys wearing pants, gloves and sunglasses while running. What was the temp. on race day?

L.B. said...

Yes, the LB look will be in.

The forecast was for 50-degree weather but it was not that cold. Probably in the low 60s. I would have been fine in shorts but wouldn't have set a new trend.

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Great pics, and thanks for including your brother ;) Um, not that I was really looking or anything...

5thsister said...

You're not alone...Because of my Raynauds, I, too, often run wearing gloves. Great photos! You look so mysterious in shades, too!