Thursday, April 23, 2009

Drink up me 'earties, yo ho!

Actually you may want to avoid drinking up this stuff.

The Mag released their Top 20 Worst Drinks in America. I've got numbers 20-11 today and will have the Top 10 for you on Friday.

20. Worst Light Beer: Samuel Adams Light (124 calories, 10g carb)
19. Worst "Healthy" Drink: Glaceau VitaminWater (133 cal, 33g sugar per 20 oz. bottle)
18. Worst Soda: Sunkist (190 cal, 52g sugar per 12 oz.)
17. Worst Beer: Sierra Nevada Stout (210 cal, 20g carb per 12 oz. bottle)
16. Worst Lemonade: Minute Maid Lemonade (250 cal, 68g sugar per 20 oz. bottle)
15. Worst Tea-Like Substance: SoBe Zen Tea (275 cal, 70g sugar per 20 oz. bottle)
14. Worst Energy Drink: Rockstar Original (280 cal, 62g sugar per 16 oz. bottle)
13. Worst Iced Tea: Lipton Iced Brisk Lemon Iced Tea (325 cal, 81g sugar per 20 oz. bottle)
12. Worst Juice Imposter: Arizona Kiwi Strawberry (360 cal, 84g sugar per 23.5 oz. can)
11. Worst Chocolate Milk: Nesquik (400 cal, 60g sugar, 10g fat - 6g saturated - per 16 oz. bottle)

Some random thoughts:

* I picked up on the Minute Maid Lemonade a while back and stopped drinking it. I just glanced at the nutritional info once and thought that the calories sounded way too high for something I thought shouldn't have been as high. I love lemonade but that's something I don't indulge on too much.

* I'm not a big fan of flavored water or energy drinks not named Gatorade. All those Rockstar and Monster energy drinks are just loaded with sugar.

* No wonder my girls always want me to get them Nesquik chocolate milk. They've had it before, at their grandma's house, so when they see the bottle at the store they always ask for it and I always say no. And that was before I read this list. Now when they ask for it they'll get an emphatic "You must be out of your mind if you think I'm buying you that" response from me. The Mag actually suggests something good as an alternative - take some two percent milk and a scoop of powdered cocoa and make your own. Sounds good to me... except I used up all my powdered cocoa making Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins.... hey, this list is about unhealthy drinks, not really-good-but-probably-not-healthy-Saturday-morning-treats, okay?

* Sunkist? That's a wolf in sheep's clothing. I used to think that if a soda wasn't dark then it was better for you. That's ridiculous. If a soda is a soda, then it's not good for you. Diet soda, Coke Zero, that stuff is passable and not as bad for you but really soda is just unhealthy in general. Not saying I don't drink soda but if I do I really try to keep it to one a day (or at least something equivalent to 12 ounces).

* I guess I should be happy that I don't already drink any of this stuff so that's good to know.

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Willoughby said...

I bought my son one of the flavored waters (I don't recall which brand it was) and I asked him if it was good. He said it had "just enough flavor to make you want to puke, like really weak Kool Aid". I didn't try it myself after that review.