Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Post-half thoughts

I spent so much time and energy and mileage on the Run Through Redlands that I can't just walk away from it before getting some things out of my system. Instead of making large, rambling posts on each of these topics (because I certainly can ramble), I figured I'd do a short burst of thoughts here and give myself more fodder to consider.

Training Sked Change

My time was good. I'm not taking away from my time. Could it have been better? Yeah, maybe. I'm not going to obsess about time, but it is something that I'm going to focus on of course. It's just a bit of a delicate balance, I suppose. So, how could I have gotten a better time? Well, that's maybe not the right away of phrasing it... How can I do better in the future for upcoming half-marathon races?

I think a more effective training schedule would do well. A 12-week schedule with seven double-digit runs was ultimately not realistic, with my work schedule and Dad Duty priorities, it was difficult sticking to the schedule. I think a shorter training schedule, possibly six weeks, would do well. If I've got a solid base to build on, then it shouldn't take more than six weeks to build up to running another half-marathon.

Musical Meanderings

The music worked out great! I somehow timed it perfectly. The first four miles were great as the songs I chose served their purpose. I had songs from Smashing Pumpkins, The Killers, Flogging Molly and Guns N Roses (thanks Tats & Teething Rings for the suggestion!). Right at the 4-mile marker, the Johnny Cash portion of the playlist began with (Ghost) Riders In The Sky and four miles later The Highwayman got me right to mile 8. The last five miles were all Metallica, and Lord knows I needed the heavy artillery to finish off. The only problem was that my iPod died on me right when one of my favorite heavy songs started, Disposable Heroes. It took me about two minutes to shut it down, get it back up and running and find the spot on my playlist. Those were two horrible quiet minutes in which I heard my feet, my breathing and everything around me. Painful! The song that played as I hit my stride at the end was Damage Inc., which I couldn't have time more perfectly. That song always riles me up!

Post-Race Relaxation?

After the race, my brothers and our respective families took our mom out for her birthday. It was fun and all but I think the next time I run a half marathon, I'm going to spend the rest of the day at home, relaxing.

What's Next?

This week, nothing. No running. No bike. No elliptical. No soccer. No nothing. After this weekend, I'm going to see how I feel and get back to the gym. I have the Mud Run coming up on June 13 but that's the only race I am officially registered for as of now. With that race, I'm going to be doing more interval runs, might spend some time on the elliptical, will run a stingy hill that's near my house multiple times and will start weight lifting again. Gotta bulk up a little. Truth be told, I'd rather just run but I need to hit the weights.

But in terms of other races, I'm not sure. There are a lot of Maybes over on the right there, and I may end up running one or two of them, maybe all of them, who knows?

Okay, What About The Biggie?

Oh yeah, that. I said all along that I would consider running a marathon once I did the half marathon.


Um. Yeah. I guess I have to figure that out. Well I don't have to, but still.

Stop dilly-dallying.

Oh. Sorry. Got off topic there. Um, if you would have asked me after the half marathon about a marathon, I would have said an emphatic NO WAY. I could not have imagined running that course a second time in my condition.

But that's the key phrase: in my condition. I am not in condition to run a marathon. But I can train for one. I know I can run 14 miles, 15 miles, 16 miles... I feel it. I can do it.

But what about 26.2?

Undecided. That, actually, I will dedicate a full post to.

Will you answer the question then?

I don't know. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

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tahoegirl said...

during a run i always ask myself "why are you doing this?" then after a run i say to myself "let's do it again!" maybe a half marathon for me next year, then maybe, just maybe.... glad you achieved your goal LB!