Thursday, April 9, 2009

Running/Disney shoes

Used to be, my running shoes were my running shoes and only my running shoes.

My shoes are oh-so-comfy but seemed like cushions when I first got them. I'd never had such luxury shoes before, and all other shoes I've had, including my other cross-training shoes, cannot compare.

Once upon a time my shoes looked like this. Now, they are a bit faded, a bit used but still very comfortable. It wasn't until recently that these shoes were still my exclusive running shoes, not to be used for anything but runs. I resisted the temptation to wear them anywhere.

Until last week.

I went to Disneyland with Kennedy a week ago, and I wore them. My rationale was that I would be running in a race the next day, which I did, and the last thing I needed was to have sore feet that morning, which I didn't.

Now, Disneyland walking is a lot of walking. You have to have your theme-park legs to be able to maneuver around the park effectively. I have theme park legs. My daughters have theme park legs. My wife does NOT have theme park legs. When she goes with us, she gets tired quicker than my daughters do because she's not used to walking around so much. No theme park legs.

Well, although I have my theme park legs, it's nice to have cushioned shoes to walk around in as I discovered a week ago. Normally, I'm a bit worn down after a day at the Disneyland Resort. I've mapped it out before and it's around two miles of walking, plus the standing in line things like that that just take a toll on your feet.

But when I wore my running shoes, it made a huge difference. I was surprised by how my feet felt. I was walking just fine at the end of the day.

So today, I'm taking Yvie to Disneyland, just her and I. I'm looking forward to it, and so is she. It's her Spring Break and Kenna's was last week, so daddy-daughter day at Disneyland and DCA (Disney's California Adventure). And since I have my half-marathon (gulp) coming up in less than two weeks now (already?!?) I figure, why not wear my runners to the park?

My feet will thank me for it.


wexfordcindy said...

Shoes? I wanted to see SEALS! Just kidding...Show me Mickey!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Yeah, I made the mistake of wearing my slip on old school Vans to Disneyland- ouch! My back and feet were killing me; next time I'm wearing my running shoes, too.