Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why the name?

From the time I completed my first-ever 10K, the Camp Pendleton Mud Run in October, my readership has expanded somewhat. And I hope (as we all I imagine) to draw in more readers and to have some sort of growing audience.

So I believe some current and potential future readers probably are unaware why I named my blog Muddy Runner. It's simple, because of the Mud Run. The Mud Run wasn't my first-ever run, but it was the reason I got into running. I signed up for it at the urging of my brother and did so having not run very much prior to that.

Slowly I started to run in preparation for this and that spurned my love of running.

Well, I bring this up for a pair of reasons. The familiarize-yourself-with-this-blog reason I gave, and for the fact that this is my next race. The next time I hit the gym, it will be with this in mind.

This is my youngest brother (not the one who got me into the Mud Run) and we celebrated together. He's running in the Mud Run as well.

I'm sure I'll blog quite a bit more about the Mud Run but I just figured I'd catch up any current or new readers who wondered, 'What's with the name?'

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