Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More blog biz

To kind of streamline this blog I added some links over on the right. I believe I blogged about this once before but...

I get tired of always trying to explain and re-explain certain things. Like my heart rate monitor for instance. I suppose I shouldn't assume that all the people who come across this blog knows about my heart rate monitor but still I feel like I have to explain what my heart rate monitor is every time I introduce it or it comes up in a post. So I've been calling it The Polar, and my Garmin Forerunner 101 as The Garmin.

So all that's on the right now.

And just so we're on the same page...

The Polar: my heart rate monitor, my beloved HR monitor; I've learned so much about my body because of this valuable tool. To think, I've only had it since Father's Day 2008. I lost all my weight without the benefit of this but to really get to know my body this has been an invaluable tool. It's a Polar F4 heart rate monitor. It comes with a strap that straps around your abdomen. It actually tore my sides apart during the half-marathon, pain that still persists, but I really have gotten so used to the strap that I couldn't work out without it.

The Garmin: My beloved Garmin Forerunner 101. Extremely accurate, as you would expect from a GPS watch. Between this and The Polar, I've become a much stronger runner.

The Mag: Men's Health is an awesome magazine. I much prefer it to sports magazines or any other kind of magazine really, although the one below is a close second. Men's Health gives me much more than just fitness tips. It provides info on cooking, nutrition, style, fashion and tons of other cool info. And really, it's not just for men - my wife often reads this over.

The Other Mag: I was never into running, so I never got into Runner's World magazine. Duh. But it just makes sense that if I run I get a magazine solely dedicated to running. A lot of things in there are for far more experienced runners than me, but there are a lot of excellent tips that can be of use for any level of runner. I subscribe to this magazine as well.

The Book: I wanted to get a book to help me train for the half marathon but also wanted to get something that would help me become a better runner overall and something that would arm me with a lot of knowledge. The Runner's Handbook has done that and more. It's got so many tips, so much info that it's impossible to pick it up and not get some new bit of info out of it.

Anyway, there you go. Just bit of updating on this here trusty blog.

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