Friday, April 17, 2009

A pre-run through Redlands

On Sunday, I'll be running through the city of Redlands here in nearby San Bernardino County. But I figured I'd get a sneak preview of the views that await and share them here on the blog with you all.

First, a bit of background on Redlands. It's an affluent community here in San Bernardino County, and stands out from the neighboring poverty-stricken cities such as San Bernardino, Fontana and Rialto. Redlands has about 70,000 residents and is a nice little town. It's home to the University of Redlands as well as the AK Smiley Library, the Redlands Bowl and many older-style homes, not so much the cookie-cutter suburbs that dominate other parts of the Inland empire.

As far as the Run Through Redlands, here's a course map:

That's a lot of mile markers!

Here are some of the places I'll be running past:

The Redlands Country Club is apparently part of the run. Not sure if it's early or late, didn't study the map that carefully and don't know my way around Redlands well enough to say where it is with regards to the rest of the course. But it looks welcoming.

Prospect Park is somewhere along the course. It looks like a nice place (never been) and it would be nice to run through the park.

And this is the Redlands Bowl. Not sure if I'll be running down this part to finish but this is where the race will end. This is where I'll collapse into a blubbering heap of nothingness after more than two hours of running. Can't wait.

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Willoughby said...

Looks like beautiful scenery. I hope you have nice weather.