Sunday, April 26, 2009

On hiatus

I've been meaning to post some Savory Sundays posts but have been met with resistance.

The culprits:

* My half-marathon. I spent a lot of time training for that, time that could have been spent making food and posting pictures.

* My laptop. I had a crappy laptop to work with but I got a new one, and it rules.

* Routine. I've gotten into a routine recently of making things I've already featured before on here. I was doing well to make new dishes up until I realized I only make the same 10-15 dishes over and over and over again. I have to start trying new things once again.

So instead of a Savory Sundays post today, I bring you.... nothing. Sorry.

Okay, well, I can't leave you empty handed so I'll let you in on something I don't think I mentioned on this blog before. I used to teach. I was a fifth-grade teacher before, back in 2003. It was the most horrible experience of my life and I have some demons from those days that I've not dealt with and have pushed into the recesses of my soul. I quit midway through the school year after the most horrible experience of my life.

In short, I'd wanted to teach for several years and thought I would be good at it. But I was terrible at it. Part of the problem was the way I got into it - I got in through a district intern program so I didn't get credentialed, much less the proper way, before I got into the classroom.

I also taught in a rough inner city elementary school, and if you aren't from there you really cannot relate to the students. It's just a different world for those children. If I would have taught here in my own neighborhood, it might have been a different story. But that's not what happened.

I've given up hope of teaching, mostly. I think far removed from the experience things have softened somewhat. Not a whole lot because if I think about it, I can really get into a depressed state pretty quickly. But I can at least allow myself to consider teaching. But - and this is a giant BUT - it would NOT be elementary school. If I ever pursue teaching, and I'd put the chances of that happening at between 5-10 percent, I'd pursue either high school math or special education. Both of those things appeal to me. I have taught as a substitute teacher off and on since 2001 and I've always been a bit drawn to those classes.

But mainstream classes or something that isn't math (unless it's journalism, I would like that) in high school, I wouldn't consider it. No way.

Alright then, on that depressing note... uh, let's see, um, here's something that helped me recover from that horrid time:


5thsister said...

You'd make the best home school teacher!

Willoughby said...

5th is right, you would make a good home school teacher, but my first thought was P.E. Teacher. You could really motivate the kids to get in shape with your personal achievments.