Thursday, June 25, 2009

Catching up

It seems like lately I've been traveling and with all the travel posts I've not had a chance to blog about some of my racing/running/training thoughts and such.

So as I have several more Montreal posts waiting to be written, I figured I'd squeeze in some of the running thoughts here and now.

* I got a new Polar. Funny thing about the whole heart rate monitor was that in the latest issue of The Other Mag, there was a big story on heart rate monitors. I was thrilled to read it and some of the conclusions they came up with but the story only made me depressed after the Mud Run, after I'd lost my watch. Still, the best part about that story was that there are heart rate monitors with a fabric strap. That might keep me from getting torn open. But when I went to go look for a new heart rate monitor, I opted for the same one. It's gray, not black, but otherwise it's the same, a Polar F4.

* I'm not so sure about the Long Beach Marathon. I'm still hoping for the Ragnar to come through, but if it doesn't I might pass on the Long Beach Marathon. I'm leaning on joining the local running club, the Loma Linda Lopers, and if I do I'll train for the Surf City 2010 Marathon, which is the marathon they train for. Signups for the Lopers begin July 12 and I might well be there that morning to see what it's all about.

* The Mission Inn Run is on Nov. 8, 2009. I'd like to run in that race. I ran it last year and figure it'd be cool to run the local 10K every year if possible. I'd thought about the Camp Pendleton 13.1 Marathon but I'm not so sure about that one. It's a long ways away, but more than that I looked at the results from last year and my 2:14:50 finish time from my half-marathon would have been down towards the bottom in Camp Pendleton. Might be too tough for me. I'd love to run the Disneyland Half Marathon but that's a hundred bucks I believe, too much for a half marathon in my opinion.

* I'm still down for the local Mud Run, the SBSD Mud Run. That's on Sept. 12. I won't be wearing The Polar in that race.

* I got an email about this relay race, the Redrock Relay. Sounds interesting. I suppose it could be a backup in case the Ragnar falls through. It's in Utah, which is a bit of a longer drive than the Las Vegas race's starting point, which is actually closer to Utah than California.

* It's hot! It's officially summer in SoCal and the weather is creeping into the 90s. That means more early-morning runs for me, and also more trips to the gym... which is where I'm headed now.


Angie Eats Peace said...

Congrats on your new Polar!

I still debating about Long Beach, as well. If I can get a group together, I may do it, because it will complete out the CA Dreaming Series for me, and I would get a nifty jacket and special medal!

I hope you sign up with the Lopers! Are you thinking of joining in Riverside, or LL?

Most of the Lopers do the Mission Inn 10k, that was my first race ever!

My hubby wants to do the Disney half, but I agree with you, that is too damn much for a half. We still may do it though...

L.B. said...

I would go to LL. The Drayton Center is about 10-15 min on the 10 from my house.

If I go Sunday, what would I do? You guys running right? Hanging out?