Friday, June 12, 2009

Drink up

I'd wanted to blog about the cuisine we enjoyed in Costa Rica but figured it'd be best to split it up into the food part of it and the drinks separately.

Costa Rican food was... well, we'll save that for another time. The drinks were fantastic. There's something about sipping certain drinks on the shores of the Pacific, a part of the Pacific you've never been to, not many have, that just makes the drinks taste sweeter.

Now, we drank some alcoholic drinks but not all of our trip was liquor. Mrs. LB opted for a Diet Coke, which in much of Latin America is called a Coca Light.

This next drink was very good. It was made of passionfruit and don't even know anything about passionfruit other than it makes for a great drink in Costa Rica.

There was also another drink that was quite excellent. It was made from a fruit called guanabana and that was a very sweet flavor. It was a little thick but it didn't leave any aftertaste or any sort of lingering flavor or anything that overly sweet drinks here can sometimes leave.

Now, onto the mixed drinks my wife tasted. The first one was a caipirinho or something, apparently a popular drink in Brazil. The waiter at the restaurant recommended it to Mrs. LB and it was very good. It was made with lime and sugar cane and rum, I think. Can't be certain.

Remember how I said the pineapples were great here? Well, that makes for a pretty good Piña Colada.
I'm not much of a mixed drink person but I liked the sip I had of Mrs. LB's Piña Colada. That pineapple flavor shined through. Incidentally, I ate the pineapple that was on the glass :)

While I didn't drink any mixed drinks, I did indulge in some beer. Now, quick story, I used to drink more than I do now. I used to enjoy it. Not that I don't enjoy it now but it's funny what losing 120 pounds will do to your alcohol tolerance. I suddenly became a lightweight in more ways than one. So a couple of beers now are enough to knock me out sometimes, especially if I haven't eaten.

But I don't drink much. I had one beer in late May and the last beer I had before that, I cant' remember. Maybe... I don't know, may have been 08 sometime.

In Costa Rica, though, I opted for the local brew, Imperial.

I like Mexican beers and this one was similar to that. This particular photo was at a restaurant across the street from the public beach in Manuel Antonio. The day was warm, a bit humid and we'd just traveled more than 3 hours from San Jose by van. This beer was ice cold and hit the spot.

When you factor everything in, probably the best beer I've had in a long time.


thrasherswife said...

I've gotten to the point where drinking just isn't worth the calories, I'd rather eat the calories, but boy some of those drinks looked yummy! I stick to water and ice tea most times...

Gracey said...

These drinks look good! Pina Colada is my all-time favourite drink.