Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What about last place?

A lot of people at the Mud Run are trying to beat some sort of time, I'm guessing. I'm hoping to beat my time from last year while Danny is trying (unrealistically) to finish in under an hour. There are some elite competitors who are trying to win the race or their division or place are get pretty high.

But what about those who finish in last place? What about those who compete in the Mud Run and are still on the course when most other participants have already finished? Do they not enjoy themselves? Is it a negative that they finished with their respective time, way down at the bottom of the results list?


I found this blog post from a participant who finished in last place. Apparently, there is a cut-off time of 2 hours 45 minutes where they won't clock times after that. At 2 hours 34 minutes 4 seconds, this blogger - Sue Ann Jaffarian - was the last person clocked.

And she had a helluva time.


Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Hey, L.B., thanks for commenting on my Mud Run experience. I did have a great time and I was THRILLED to finish under the 2 hr 45 min time limit. And I'm sure those folks who finished after me had a great time, too.

I'm doing the Mud Run again next year - leaner and meaner - so watch out! :)

Have a great race Saturday.

Willoughby said...

Just competing seems like a great accomplishment to me. Sue Ann Jaffarian sounds like a great, fun person!