Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cooking With Yvie: Pumpkin Muffins

The latest installment of Cooking With Yvie.

For a while now, Yvie has wanted to make pumpkin muffins on her show. Not sure why. Maybe she saw the stacks of canned pumpkin I have in the cupboard and has wanted to use them.

For whatever reason, we ended up making these pumpkin muffins for her show.



thrasherswife said...

Yvie - You're so Awesome!! Great job, pumpkin is one of my favorite things, I'm going to print this recipe out now and plan to make them. You made them look so easy to make!!! Thanks for sharing another Sunday with me!!!

5thsister said...

Another mouth watering episode! Thank you for sharing your delectable creations with us Chef Yvie!

Gracey said...

She is a true star! If I ever find pumpkin here (not easy to find at all), I will try these muffins for sure! Thanks, chef Yvie! :)