Thursday, June 18, 2009

Checking in from Montreal


I made it to Montreal and have already had an eventful trip. I went on a 50-minute run this morning through the streets of Old Montreal. I ran down many Rues and Ponts and Ports and went past the Palais de Justice, the Centre Commerce Mondial Montreal, Palais des Congres as well as the Basilique Notre-Dame, an absolutely stunning cathedral.

I did however have to deal with people smoking. Lots of people smoke here apparently, at least along the route I took. Still, that didnt' damper the run or anything.

I'll be off in Montreal trying to enjoy myself for the next several days and while I might check in every now and then, my brother Danny will once again take the wheel for the duration of my trip. Hopefully he'll post some pictures of the Mud Run and maybe he'll recap his Mud Run experience. Not that I'm providing assignments or anything...

As tempting as it is to blog away, I'm going to try and unplug here for a few days before returning to the rat race back home.

Oh, one more thing, I don't speak French which I hope won't be a hindrance. I saw mostly French-language signs - Alles des Huissers, Arret d'Autobus - and heard a lot of French, and when I got back here to my hotel room the cleaning lady was just about wrapping up my room and she greeted me with a "Bonjour" and I replied in English but she kept going in French. Oh well. I'll figure it out I guess.

Anyway, take care all.


Angie Eats Peace said...

Have fun and happy anniversary!

Willoughby said...

No more posts from you until you get home! Enjoy your getaway with your wife and take some great pics of Montreal.

Gracey said...

Happy anniversary! Have fun!