Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mud Run: the water

One of the things about the Mud Run you find out pretty quickly is that you will get wet. You will get drenched and it's going to happen soon.

Sometime during the first mile, there are a couple of water trucks unloading water on the runners. You basically have two choices: run through it or go around it. Last year, I ran around the first one and was surprised that I made it through without too much damage. The second one, I figured if I ran through it quickly I wouldn't get too wet. Big mistake. I took a head-on, direct blast of water and went from just a little damp to soaking wet.

I'm going to try and avoid the head-on water blast on Saturday.

Another random video I found. This one, the runner does well to walk around the water and avoid the water.

And here's sort of what it looks like from race level.


5thsister said...

You know, it must be one hell of a race. Yesterday's video and today's doesn't show much running at all. Guess everyon must be whipped!

L.B. said...

I'd say the first half of the race is mostly running and a lot of it is up hill... up Suicide Hill :)

thrasherswife said...

there is just nothing about this run that excites me!! Mud, wet, a suicide hill run, no thanks... :) I do have several friends that are running in the OC Mud run, wondering if that's a bit tamer - and flat?!!

L.B. said...

Getting muddy is fun! You ladies would love it!

The OC Mud Run does have something this doesn't - a 5k course if that appeals to you.

Angie Eats Peace said...

Looks fun! I am definitely going to have to try one in the future.

Willoughby said...

Challenging doesn't seem like a strong enough word to describe this run! That's a lot of water!