Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mud Run: the walls

Ah, the walls. There are two of these, and when I did the Mud Run last year I pictured these giant brick 25-foot walls. I mean, I knew they were 6-foot-high (or thereabouts) and made of wood, but they may as well have been unyielding monsters.

They weren't. I scaled them just fine. I guess I'd built them up in my mind to be too tough to get over but they weren't. Now, they weren't tiny hurdles either but they were a good obstacle amidst plenty of obstacles.

Here's a video I find on YouTube that shows one of the walls of the Mud Run. This looks like the second one of the two on the course. The best part about the walls is that you get muddy when jump down, as you'll see on the video.


Willoughby said...

Those walls look plenty big to me! I'm not a runner, but I tried to be one when I was in school. I joined the track team and one of the things we had to try were hurdles. I would run up to them and stop. I just couldn't shake the feeling that I was going to snag my foot (or leg or elbow) on the top and fall on my face. Never did manage to jump one and I quit the track team about a week later!

5thsister said...

At least mud is suppose to be good for the complexion! :D

Serendipite said...

I felt the same way - I couldn't even imagine getting over the wall without a Marine knee! But they weren't so bad, although the landing on the other side was a bit sketchy. Glad you had a good time!