Monday, June 15, 2009

Motivational Mondays (June 15)

Sometimes, you can't see the large steps you take in life because you are so caught up in the small day-to-day steps. It's easy to get lost amidst the tiny steps, to go through life by thinking only about what's going on in the next hour, minute or second, and before you know it so much time has passed by you wonder where everything went.

Running can be like that for me. Races come, they go and then it's off to the next race. Already I'm considering my options for the remainder of the year (see updated list on the side) when I've barely finished my latest greatest challenge.

It's great to keep thinking ahead, whether it's a race months from now or some long-term project at home or work. But it's also good to keep in mind what you've done and how far you've come.

For me, what I've done in terms of running is off on the side there. Saturday marked my third race of the year and sixth in the last two years... my life, actually. My first-ever race was June 2008. Now, about a year and two weeks later, I've got six under my belt. And that list isn't stopping there. It'll be by double-digits shortly into 2010 and who knows where it will be or how long I'll have run by the end of next year?

Wherever my racing future takes me, I'll try to remember the races that have passed on by, that have been challenges that I've met and overcome. There will be highs (Run Through Redlands) and lows (Seal Beach), races that I felt very prepared for (Mud Run 2008) and those I didn't (Mission Inn Run 2008) and in the end all those races will mold me.

Even if you don't race, whatever accomplishments you've done, whether it's dropped XX pounds this week/month/year, a promotion or new job, whatever steps you've taken, obstacles you've overcome, take pride in them and don't forget about them.


5thsister said...

Another great motivational post. Well said, LB.

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Well said!

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Nicely said!

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