Friday, June 26, 2009

Ragnar update

It looks as if we have about 10 firm commitments for the Las Vegas Ragnar Relay as we got two commitments on Thursday. Not sure if my e-mail helped but it's good news.

Of course, there are some last-minute jitters though. I'm not sure but I think of the 10 thus far, I'm the only one with children. Being gone for three days is one thing when you don't have any kids but it's a bit different when you do, especially when I'm the one who's home with the girls and will have to worry about getting the girls to and from school and figure out those sorts of logistics.

They probably won't be at the finish line, which is a bit of a downer but Riverside to Las Vegas is a long drive for Mrs. LB and the girls. And there's work that I have to miss, which as a freelancer is sometimes tough to come by.

But those sorts of negatives seem to arise when trying to plan for something. For us, it seems that it's never been convenient to do anything. There's always something that comes up, always a reason not to do something.

Those are obstacles, though, and many times it's likely just the jitters that arise before taking a plunge into the unknown, jitters than can blow things out of proportion.

It will be an exciting experience, I'm sure. And it will give me something to train for as I might not run a race from now until then, and that might be my last race of the year.

The best part of the race will be having something to train for. Visualizing a race and being on the course always works well for me during my training runs. It's a good thing to have a tangible goal sometimes, and picturing myself running in the wee hours of the morning somewhere in Nevada will fuel my runs until that actually happens.

So things are going well then in that regard, and I'm sure everything else will work out as well.


Willoughby said...

I'm sure it was your persuasive emails that convinced your other team members to join!

Too bad the drive is so far, it would be exciting for your girls(and probably motivating for you) to see their daddy cross the finish line.

Angie Eats Peace said...

Woohoo! I am excited to hear all about it.

The rest of the stuff will work itself out.