Tuesday, April 29, 2008


When I was younger, I ordered two things via mail. One was a switch blade. The other was a book on fighter planes. I awaited both with baited breath and was excited when each arrived. I longed to play with the switch blade, to add it to my "arsenal" of toys I used when I pretended to shoot up bad guys and go off to war. I also longed to scan through the fighter plane book, to look at all the old war planes and the new ones in awesome detail.
I think those were the last times I felt as anxious as I feel now. On Sunday I ordered a pair of new running shoes, the first time I ordered a pair of shoes online. And according to UPS.com, they went out with the morning's deliveries.
These are the ASICS GT-2120 model. I ordered a size 9. I tried to get the black pair but they had only a few colors to choose from and black wasn't one of them, so I went with this exact color scheme. It's not the colors that I'm concerned about, though. The shoes I have now and have had for several years just arent' working any more. They've put up through some tough challenges before as they helped me go from 300-plus to my current weight of 185. I should put them in the hall of fame for that.
These new shoes, though, are different. They are running shoes and are geared for the runner, which I guess I am. I've been running like a fool lately... okay, not that much but I've run some in recent weeks and I hope to continue running, perhaps at an even greater pace. I will go running Wednesday morning if the shoes arrive. Even if they don't, though, I need to get out there and run.
Now, being that I've never been a runner, I don't know what to look for in running shoes. My brother- and father-in-law are each avid runners, the former is actually training for a marathon, and they suggested this specific shoe. The way I figure, if it works for them, it will work for me. My brother-in-law Kyle actually showed me his pair, which is the same model as the one I have, and they feel light.
I'm hoping that they make a difference. It's not that my shoes are hurting me but they don't exactly feel like pillows on my feet or anything. Maybe I can blame them for my calf injury on Saturday's run.
When they get here I will put them to use no doubt. And maybe I'll have better luck with them than I did with my switch blade (broke within weeks) and the book (had to send back because couldn't make the payment).

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