Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cheating calories

Every now and then I'll provide hints of ways you can cut back on some calories without sacrificing too much flavor.

Now, there are some tips that are kinda lame. For instance, I read about how you could cut back some calories on pizza by taking a napkin and patting it down to sop up some of the grease. Yeah, well, if you didn't eat the pizza in the first place, you might save even more calories.

No, these are practical tips that you can actually use.

Let's see. I think the easiest way for me to save 40 calories is by using fat-free cheese slices. I eat lots of sandwiches for lunch and I can usually get my sandwiches down to about 230 calories, maybe a bit more.

If you don't pay attention to sliced cheese, you can easily get to 70 or even more. Add to that the high calories most sliced bread has, plus dressing or mayo and the meat of course and it can get out of hand.

I use sliced cheese that is 30 calories per slice. Also I try and find bread that is 70 calories per slice. The meat I use is about 60 per serving so that is 230. I may use more if I add thousand island dressing, but then I don't use anything but fat free dressing and it's all good.

So the next time you are looking for some sliced cheese, be on the lookout for the fat free 30 calorie kind. Trust me, you won't miss the extra 40 calories.

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