Thursday, April 10, 2008

Water, water everywhere

Have you had enough water today?

I've been home most of today so I've had the opportunity to drink away. I've had, oh I don't know, some 60 ounces of water or so. I'm still about 30-40 ounces away from reaching my goal.

Water is important. Okay, yeah, you knew that. But it's typically something many people overlook. Water should be as an important part of your meal intake as fiber, carbs, protein, whatever else you strive to reach each day. For me during my weight loss, water and calories had an equal amount of significance. I did not feel like I accomplished something in terms of my meal plan if I was under my water or over my calories.

Of course, drinking plenty of water means plenty of trips to the bathroom. So you must plan accordingly. If you are going somewhere that does not have a bathroom handy, you might want to consider that. It's easiest for me to drink away when I'm at home like today but if I'm doing my usual driving-around, chasing-after-athletes, harnessing-kids routine it can get difficult. But I still try to drink away.

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