Thursday, April 10, 2008

Get outside and run

So I've made a tentative plan to run outside on Saturday. Seems I'll make my May 1 goal a reality.

Anyway, I'm hoping to run either two miles in 18 minutes or four miles in 30 or something. My brother Danny, no stranger to this running outside stuff, is taking charge. I just I can keep up with him and he doesn't have to run sympathy circles while I'm doubled over in pain!

I actually saw a thing in the most recent Men's Health magazine about taking workouts outdoors now that the weather is better. But these workouts are intense, crazy intense. I'd be willing to try them, though.

They suggest a four-week plan, which is to say four consecutive Saturdays, though I suppose you could choose any one day of the week. We'll see if I get to these. I'm thinking in June might be a good time to do these because I'll have some more time on my hands.

Week 1
(set timer for 10 minutes)
- pushup position bridge for 60 seconds
- 20 jumping jacks or dumbbell swings (with no rest)
- repeat sequence until time is up
(rest for fewer than one minute and do that two more times)

Week 2
- 10 pushups
- 30-second sprint
- 10 situps
- 30-second sprint
- 15 prisoner squats (from standing position, put hands behind head and squat until knees are at 90-degree angle)
- 30-second sprint
(repeat three times)

Week 3
- 30-second pushup position bridge
- 30-second sprint
- 30 seconds of dumbbell swings or jumping jacks
- 30-second sprint
(rest 30 seconds, repeat 6-8 times)

Week 4
(each exercise is followed by 30-second sprint)
- 30-second pushup-position bridge
- 30 seconds of dumbbell swings or jumping jacks
- 10 pushups
- 10 situps
- 15 prisoner squats
(rest one minute, repeat sequence twice)

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A.C. said...

Just avoid hills when you start your outside running and you'll be fine. But hit the hills eventually, because it's good to challenge yourself and avoid the rut.