Monday, April 21, 2008

Baby carrots

Ah, the joys of carrots. I picked up a 5 pound back of baby carrots over the weekend and, yes, I intend to eat them all. Not at once, of course. Actually, it's a good couple of weeks before I get through all ot it.

Now carrots might not seem like the most exciting snack. It's not, really. I'd much prefer a bag of chips or something to the effect. However, baby carrots is in ideal snack. It's an easy way to pick up fiber and you can eat a lot of them without picking up too many calories. Chips, on the other hand, can cost you quite a bit of calories because you can't have just one of them, right?

Every two ounces of baby carrots has one gram of fiber (you should get 20-25 grams of fiber per day) and just 20 calories. So if you have twice that or so, you'll have a couple of grams of fiber under your belt with just having consumed about 40-50 calories. Compare that to a bag of Fritos that will get you around 150 calories and less than one gram of fiber.

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